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Recordings no longer available...

#6947 3 years ago
What is the policy on trading official recordings that are no longer available for download? Is there a forum on here, or are there links to still get shows from last year?
Looking for Stabler 2-15-2010 and both of the Philly Mann shows from last summer. I already have nice aud recordings, but I would really love to get a recording with a little more crisp! Especially the Mann shows, great sounding venue, but it is acoustically challenged for the tapers. Anyway, any help would be available.
Junior Boarder

Re: Recordings no longer available...

#7017 3 years ago
I have the first Mann show from philly if theres a way I can get it to you
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Re: Recordings no longer available...

#7032 3 years ago
im pretty sure i have all three of the shows your looking for on my itunes, if you could give me some pointers on how to send it to you ide be more then happy to.
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