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Grate Review for Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 2

#69443 3 years ago
Just got done reading this, and wanted to share it with ya'll.

When your are halfway between the Bay Area, and the Lake Tahoe, you will be right square in the middle of the northern central valley of California, in a place called Sacramento. Before you start yawning, or down that fifth beer, let's not forget that some great concerts have taken place in the Golden State's nest of political malfunctions.

In May of 1993, The Good Ol' Grateful Dead, arrived in Sacramento, and played some blistering 'hot' shows, that many feel are the last 'best' stand of concerts that this band ever performed. Three shows from May 25-27, indeed give our boys the homefield advantage in front of a: "abby-normal", crazy crowd of tye-dyed loonie-bears.

There are two Cd's featured here, that prove there was still life in this beast we call The Grateful Dead, in the ninties.

I have never heard tapes from this stand of shows, BUT, I have always heard good things about the 93 Cal Expo, shows. From: "Samson & Delilah" thro to: "When I Paint My Masterpiece" the folks from Grateful Dead Productions, have found the highlights of a classic nineties run. "Deal" smokes and snakes, just like it should. "Shakedown Street" is a funkfest of pounding fury....(like a weird night, in San Rafael~!) "High Time" will never sound so lovely ever again, and the second set from the second night, is here in all it's glory! With, stellar renditions of: "Crazy Fingers", "Playing in the Band" & "Corrina"...This is "Dead Nirvana", the right songs played in just the right fashion.

I have been quick to scoop up every show from: "The Road Trips" series, and so far it has been all good! The bonus discs, always contain the best stuff, and this one on: Vol. 2 No, 4, is another gem. Killer versions of: "Gloria" "Broken Arrow" & "Fire on the Mountain" are found right here, on this great bonus CD.

The folks in charge of the tapes, have been wise to release these shows for the public. The Grateful Dead, had a very long thirty year run of live concerts. This CD set, shows that the boys were still on track in the summer of year twenty eight. The train, was steaming down the tracks here. Jerry, Phil, Bobby, Vince, Billy & Mickey, sound very 'alive' here....The Good Ol' Grateful Dead, doing what they do best....PLAYING!
Four Stars!!!
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Re: Grate Review for Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 2

#69451 3 years ago
I have this Road Trips, and to be honest I don't like it at all. The only reason I bought it is because it's from '93 and that's when I was going to shows. It's really rather painful to listen to. Maybe you had to be there.
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Re: Grate Review for Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 2

#69506 3 years ago
The bonus disc, by far, has the best material.
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Re: Grate Review for Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 2

#69513 3 years ago
This was actually Vol.2 No.4.
I was there. Shoreline to Cal Expo was a good run. I liked the 27th better than the 26th. Shakedown, Same Thing, Dire Wolf, High Time, Picasso Moon > Fire on the Mountain, Cassidy > UJB> Cassidy, and a Gloria encore.

Alao a highlight was the guy that walked up to my friend and I and handed us a strip of paper. It looked like the outer edge of a sheet of stamps. "Here, you might feel something off of this" he said. That was an understatement. Holy crap.

There were complaints that even though you got the whole 5/26 show if you got the bonus disk, the songs weren't in order. You have to go from 1 disk to another and back to hear the show in the order it was played. I thought it was kind of funny because when I got the tapes, they were the same way. The taper squeezed everything on as few tapes as possible.
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