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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7757 3 years, 7 months ago
JCSmith312 wrote:
You know some of you people are just straight fucking ASSHOLES! I knew Joey & he was MY friend. It's so easy 2talk shit on people u don't know because none of you have lost him. HE WASN'T ON DRUGS & HE DiDN'T DRiNK. So for everyone running they're mouth & ASSuming things..u can shut the fuck up & stop now. K? Thanxx. Joe had been thru a lot this past yr. He lost his best friend 5wks ago in a car accident, 3mos ago he lost 2aunts 4days apart & then he finds out the girl he used to be engaged too, has been taken off life support after almost 6mos of struggling. He had been going thru TONS of shit at home w.his parents [one is also very very sick] & he had the opportunity 2go 2this concert. He LOVED Furthur..seriously. All he did was listen to Furthur, never had any other cd's or anything. He was actually thinking about getting a tattoo to honor them. He had all types of shirts & hoodies made w.Furthur on them lol..he even got some of his friends into them as well. When we found out they were coming 2PGH we knew we had 2get him tickets. He was so excited & then everything in his life started going downhill. He was saving money 2get the tickets & everything. One day we went 2 a pizza shop, and uknow how they have the "Donate a dollar to save Sally's life" cups? He took out this paper bag & put it in the jar. All his money he had saved up. He didnt eat anymore, he was just walking around like a zombie. He's a diabetic & wasnt taking care of himself..and anyone who knows anything about Diabetic's, knows that when they're body starts acting up..they can do CRAZY things. A friend & I dragged him 2the dr's where he refused 2talk 2them & tell them anything. He had severe depression & wldnt even get out of bed. We got him the tickets, thinking he wld take this girl that lived a few houses down..but he didnt even care. Not even a smile. His dad tried over & over again 2get him out of bed & help him feel better but nothing worked. The night of the concert he agreed 2go 2the concert w.his dad if we stopped nagging him [we sang jingle bells for 2hrs straight]. I got a call from him a few hrs later & he thanked me & told me he loved me & appreciated everything we've done 4him. But nothing would make him alive again. He said that his soul had died & he was a walking shell. He started talking crazy then..he didnt remember who he was talking 2. I knew he was going into diabetic shock & acting crazy. He hung up on me & next thing I find out I lost one of my best friends. Joey was one of the sweetest ppl ive ever met. I lost 12ppl in the last 2yrs..and every one of them have impacted me. But losing Joey really hurt. He was my sons godfather. So b4 u sit here & talk shit on someone u know NOTHiNG about. Remember that he was someones SON, BROTHER, GODFATHER, UNCLE. Remember that HiS family & friends are MOURNiNG THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE. Show respect. If this was your father or brother you would feel the same way!

So basically you forced a medically unstable and emotionally depressed person to a concert where where they apparently have committed suicide?!?!?!

These are YOUR words, sounds like ha had no interest in going to this or ANY event, but he was seemingly FORCED to go by his friends and family....


And if the Toxicological Report says anything but 100% Sober, tons of questions need to be raised...Remember, you said your friend did no drugs or drink anything that night...

This is a Tragedy anyway you look at it, but according to this story of yours, this could have ALL BEEN PREVENTED BY HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY...He should have never been there in the first place...

Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7761 3 years, 7 months ago
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimu

#7777 3 years, 7 months ago
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimu

#7778 3 years, 7 months ago
irishqueenie wrote:
wow i am very shocked by the attitudes of some of you people!

i have personally witnessed someone sober as a judge fall down a set of stairs at SPAC she was very badly injured and was put into a coma so they could deal with the swelling in her brain....according to most of you she was all fucked up on acid or mushrooms and it was all her fault and she made us all look bad!!! what a bunch of shit!!
a spinal tap is the only way to find out if it was acid or mushrooms. lets wait for the tox report before bashing him-- also if it was safety glass (i don't believe it was) then how did he crash through??? and he didn't dive out the window as some of you would suggest! the window was at floor level-so he dove head first into a concrete floor and missed and went out the window???? please people- i don't think this young man did this on purspose- it was a terrible accident!

where is the kindness, where is the love, where is the community that i USED to know???? -i see alot of jerks giving their opinions on post # 1 of their posting history- every one has to have a first post - but something nice is always better than comming on an lecturing or admonishing a group or individual for their thoughts- agree to disagree - no time to Hate!!!
God bless joes family and friends at this horrible time! RIP Joseph!

Whata holier then thou attitude. So many of your posts has some type of name calling, profanity, blame everyone else except for the offending individual; then you go onto lecture about kindness and love. Practice what you preach ! So y
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7781 3 years, 7 months ago
The wishes of the Kimutis Family are expressed in the classified obituary printed in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette this morning. For anyone that is interested, please look it up to send condolences or to donate to a fund set up in his honor to provide for the education of his sister.
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimu

#7783 3 years, 7 months ago

just an FYI, folks:

>>..Pittsburgh Police Lt. Dan Herrmann told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that "at least one witness" claimed that Kimutis charged a window after getting into a stance "like a football player" and yelling, "Hike!"
Some fans contradicted that account, however, in postings on Furthur's official website. One fan wrote that he overheard police interviewing a witness who said the man did not yell "hike," but that he ran back and forth through the venue's "lobby/concession area" before launching himself head-first through the window, which was about three feet off the ground.
"Nobody could have stopped him or 'talked him down,' as it happened before anyone even knew what was going on," the fan wrote. "His friends said he was kinda of a joker/prankster type and it seems that he might have just been goofing around and didn't realize he could go [through] it or something like that. In any event, it's not even clear he was 'on' anything -- he was there with his Dad as well -- he may have just been screwing around and had a very horrible accident."
Toxicology reports on Kimultis reportedly are pending.
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7846 3 years, 7 months ago
I came across this website as it was listed as a top suggested site to visit when I typed in Joe's name in google.

Joe is my cousin and was such a beautiful, caring, amazing young man. He truly touched so many lives and I believe that he is in a better place watching down on us. Please pray for his parents and his sister.

I didn't want to get involved, but since so many people are commenting on JC's post, I wanted to clear some things up. I thank JC for posting a message defending Joe's honor, however, I needed to state that almost all of his/her facts are incorrect. One of the only true things that is written is that one of his best friends did pass away 6 months ago. Other information that was written about him having mental instability, diabetes, a sick mother, losing his aunts, and taking his fiancee off life support (or even being engaged for that matter) are incorrect. I am not sure what the motive was to make up that information, and as far as I am concerned his close friends and family only need to know the true Joey, but I wanted to just state this so that the media/press do not believe/quote that information. Again, JC, I am appreciative of you defending Joe for whatever your reasoning was, but wanted to clear up some information you provided. I am also thankful for everyone else on here that has posted kind words about Joe and are keeping my family in your thoughts. Please, just don't believe everything you read.
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7847 3 years, 7 months ago
Thanks, Cap, and sorry for your family's loss. This must be an incredibly hard time for all of you. Take care.


Peace & Love
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I Miss Jerry.

Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7853 3 years, 7 months ago
Wow, so the "defender" was totally lying? That's a pretty effed up way to defend a "friend's" honor.
"In the land of the dark, the ship of the sun is driven by the Grateful Dead"
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Re: Phil/Jill - any chance of honoring Joseph Kimutis?

#7856 3 years, 7 months ago
Thank you for the clarity Cap it definitely didn't all seem to add up. Stay strong man and your family is in my thoughts and prayers
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