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Re: Billy Kreutzmanns' comment about furthur

#70546 3 years ago
illuminaughty wrote:
you internet deadheads can be really quick to call someone a liar, or just bash them like "so your friend or a friend blah blah blah" i mean, you dont know this person, neither do i, but i assume hes not bullshitin, i have no reason to, other than, what they say seems adult and logical.
i dont know about all of yall, and im not tallkin about the magority, but somepeople seem to only get on the internet(and this board) to be mean to other people. i have started my share of silly/ offensive threads, but i did so with the intentions of getting some folks to lighten up, some poeple take shit way too seriously.
that said.

Careful what you wish for...And yes, I do like RatDog.
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