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[LMA] Binghamton (3/29/2011) up on Archive LMA

#6847 3 years, 6 months ago


Broome County Arena
Binghamton, NY
March 29th, 2011

Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
Lineage: SDHC > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor (tracking, fades, VST M-S Matrix) > FLAC

Recorded, transferred and posted by DigiGal

Description: ** 16-bit/44.1 Khz **

Disc 01 [Set I]
01 Tuning/Crowd
02 Passenger
03 The Music Never Stopped
04 Crazy Fingers
05 The Race Is On
06 Peaceful Valley
07 Black-Throated Wind
08 Sugaree
09 Bertha

Disc 02 [Set II]
01 Tuning
02 Jam
03 Truckin'
04 New Speedway Boogie
05 Cosmic Charlie
06 Something

Disc 03 [Set II - Cont.'d]
01 Mountain Song
02 Scarlet Begonias
03 Fire On The Mountain
04 Standing On The Moon
05 Going Down The Road
06 We Bid You Goodnight
07 Encore Break/Donor Rap
08 E: US Blues

Mic stand 13 ft high in Official Tapers Section, located ROC by Soundboard.
Recorded the mid-side mic outputs directly. This version of the original MS recording is matrix'd with the side level 1.9 dB lower than the mid. Tracked out to fit on three audio CD's as indicated. Discs can be joined smoothly.

Phil Lesh - bass & vocals
Bob Weir - guitar & vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keyboards
John Kadlecik - guitar & vocals
Joe Russo - drums
Sunshine Becker - vocals
Jeff Pehrson - vocals
Still Searching For The Sound??? My LMA Recordings and My Etree Recordings
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Re: [LMA] Binghamton (3/29/2011) up on Archive LMA

#6848 3 years, 6 months ago
Thanks alot! sounds gratee!
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Re: [LMA] Binghamton (3/29/2011) up on Archive LMA

#6849 3 years, 6 months ago
was already listening- May the music never stop!
... that one word is "why?"

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