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Real American Hero's - Charlie Miller

#67586 3 years ago
Just started poking - tonights quest..who is Charlie Miller

Here's a liink from Archives - which has other links to interview with Charlie, his facebook page, and even a link to his picture. www.archive.org/post/344166/who-is-charlie-miller

In there is this link..to a great interview with Charlie www.darkstarpalace.com/2010/10/charlie-m...ark-star-palace.html

Charlie, if you are around, thanks for everything! Love your stuff.

Here are some funny video's I found in my quest. I hope they upload, if not, here's a link www.xtranormal.com/watch/7853963/a-few-more-shows?page=1 (one comment in the third one is kind of messed up, imo - not kind).

<iframe src=www.xtranormal.com/xtraplayr/7514429/just-a-few-shows width=504 height=312 frameborder=0></iframe>

<iframe src=www.xtranormal.com/xtraplayr/7217017/i-need-more-shows width=504 height=312 frameborder=0></iframe>

<iframe src=www.xtranormal.com/xtraplayr/7853963/a-few-more-shows width=504 height=312 frameborder=0></iframe>
FFF! Family is Forever!!!

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Re: Real American Hero's - Charlie Miller

#67909 3 years ago
I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie... at a DSO show in San Diego a few years back. He was doing the sound for their Fillmore shows (I think they would evenutally record it for an album?) and Weir played there.

He's the Saint of bootlegging, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe when he dies we should contact the papacy and get him beatified? His remasters and remarkable amount of work for sharing music is a million miracles....
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Re: Real American Hero's - Charlie Miller

#67928 3 years ago
Charlie Miller is the man, you cant go wrong if the recording has his name in the mastering.
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Re: Real American Hero's - Charlie Miller

#67942 3 years ago
Real american hero, where's the red suit and blue cape ? HA HA HA
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Re: Real American Hero's - Charlie Miller

#68567 3 years ago
I was lucky enough to obtain lots of his recordings on the old Deadbase Dicks Picks forum! I cant thank him enough.
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Re: Real American Hero's - Charlie Miller

#70139 3 years ago
Here's his latest gig, sound engineer for Heavy Pets.

This one has Kimock on it for most of the show.

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