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Re: Hey Phil,,, HepC Folder From Philzone

#5307 3 years, 7 months ago
Bump to the top, Thanks Jill
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Peace, love & light

Re: Hey Phil,,, HepC Folder From Philzone

#5544 3 years, 7 months ago
I hope each day your feeling better Jazfish. I'm in your corner bro!

Watered our bushes & plants and such.Took all day!

Getting ready to crash for the night. Going to give Jim a call in the morning and see how he's doing with therapy. Maybe I'll get you and Mack and RTD as well!

Four! all to win!


peace and good night...

whitey-x & evie moonflower
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Re: Hey Phil,,, HepC Folder From Philzone

#5591 3 years, 7 months ago
For the last tennish years, I, and many others have dedicated a lot of heart and soul to a discussion folder for deadheads facing catastrophic illnesses on Dead Net proper, initially inspired by Phil's illness and the waves of support our community sent his way, as well as more directly personal reasons very close to home. We've lost a few very good people, but many have overcome, and more benefit to this day from having a safe place to address serious health issues sans the usual trolls that cruise the other discussions.

I sincerely hope that those in charge of this loose wheeled experiment will make support boards for heppers and other heads fighting serious health issues a permanant fixture here, either all-together, or separate folders.

It has been my experience that many, many more people than those who post benefit from the support this community provides, whether it is on Dead Net, Philzone, Ratdog board, and they all deserve a permanant place here if this is where they are most comfy. Compassion is the true jewel of this community as a whole, and I hope that it's power, and the need for it is recognized where and when it counts the most.

Maybe I'm just being a blustery momma bear, but I need to know my cubs have a safe place to be.
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