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phil & jill, please read!!!! ( thank you )

#6743 3 years, 7 months ago
i have been a card carrying deadhead for over 25 years, saw the boys religoulsly from the mid 80's and a solid 5-10 shows per year post jerry of all of the bands ( P&F, ratdog, bembe, etc ). the sheer fact that you guys are stil playing hard, digging out tunes, mixing up set lists, and trying new covers really just blows my mind and a huge hats off to all of you and more thanks then i could possibly imagine. the new guys and singers are icing on the cake!!!

i am fortunate enough to have the means to help support UBC and rex, it is my pleasure to help with your causes and a way for all of us to say thanks for touching all of our lives ( although my kids loudly protest anything outside of reckoning but they lke the beatles so i am not complaining, can't win them all )

still grinning ear to ear from the alice d millionaire into cream puff saturday night!!!!!

my only request, can you drop some big bombs on the next jack straw equal to the ones of oxford 88? my ribs still ache and might not like it but my ears sure will

hugs & kisses
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