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#66998 3 years ago
Maybe it's a little early to start celebrating, but Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I suspect it's the Dead's favorite holiday too (after New Year's Eve of course.) It seems like Halloween would be an especially fitting holiday for Deadheads. I'm sure Halloween shows must have been especially fun. I can only imagine what sort of costumes you would have seen. A few Halloween shows were particularly memorable because of what was played. The last St. Stephen was played on 10-31-83 and they played Werewolves Of London in '85, '90 and '91. Posted below is a Jerry Band version from '92 and the original from Warren Zevon. As much as I love the Dead doing covers, no one can touch Warren Zevon's orginal. I hate Kid Rock for ruining such a great song. Does anyone have any Halloween memories to share? The only Halloween costume I remember as a kid was when I dressed as Darth Vader after Star Wars came out. I thought I lucked out because I got the last Darth Vader costume at Toys R Us, so I thought no one else at school would have it. Turns out I was one of about a dozen Darth Vaders in my class that year.

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Re: Halloween

#67000 3 years ago
Funny, I never really considered Halloween a "holiday" as there is no day off of work associated with it. Rather it's more like a party. I'm sure there are many a head who loves Halloween but I can't recall any memorable Dead shows on a Halloween. Not trying to be a negative on the subject but it's never been my thing. Bad trip ala Easy Rider Mardi Gras
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Re: Halloween

#67024 3 years ago
My only show on halloween was 1980 @ RCMH. For me it started with 15 shows at the warfield and then 8 nights at RCMH. Not only was it an epic show, psychedelic beyond belief, but it was the end of a month of shows. If I remember correctly I had my face painted and was wearing a top hat. Mostly I remember dancing in the lobby to uncle johns hugging people I've spent the las month with and would surely miss in my day to day. life changing as this was my first taste of touring.
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Re: Halloween

#67062 3 years ago
Tmglf2 wrote:
For me it started with 15 shows at the warfield and then 8 nights at RCMH.

You went to all those shows? Damn, I wish I could have gone to one. If I could have gone to any Grateful Dead show ever it would have been one of the 1980 shows with an acoustic set. Reckoning is one of my favorite albums.
Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Re: Halloween

#67390 3 years ago
Halloween is definitely a fav holiday of mine and I caught 3-4 shows in the bay area on Halloween in the 89-95 timeframe. Best was 1991 a at Oakland where Kesey did a Eulogy for Bill Graham.


I also think that Jerry in particular but also Mickey liked to send people running from the primordial ooze with some mindbending stuff on Halloween. Check out 10/26/89 in Miami. Wasnt Halloween, but close enuff. Good time for just enough


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