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Hotel for Greek Shows

#66965 3 years ago
Anyone staying at the Coral Sands for the LA Greek shows? As soon as I read the review I knew this was the hotel for me...

"When you first walk into the Coral Sands, it's almost scary. It looks like either a) some place that an 80's spring break movie was filmed... the one where the poor kids trashed, or b) the scene of a recent homicide."

OH YEAH! Hollywood here I come!!!
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Re: Hotel for Greek Shows

#67499 3 years ago
so we can all crash at your place? Sounds great thanks!!

No, but seriously, that's not too bad of a neighborhood. If it was south of hollywood, it's pretty bad. You could amost hike it to the Greek - but be prepared for a serious hill to climb... plus it's going to be raining pretty bad.

As I posted on .org.... for those not used to driving in Los Angeles in the rain... it has not seriously rained here since March. That means:
1) LA people are not used to driving in the rain
2) there's a ton of oil slick streets from 10 months of oil from all those cars (we are a car culture, doncha know).
3) there will be a lot of accidents this week. Treat the streets like ice.... plenty of space... go easy.
- the beat up cars tend to have no tread on their tires (no rain, no snow...) and I can't tell you how many times I've had cars behind me fishtailing trying to stop.... so be careful!
4) I don't like driving when it rains. People are nuts... either way too slow and cautious, or way to fast for sanity.

So drive carefully. Traffic will be really really really really bad. Regardless, we'll be like fish out of water.... watch and be amused.
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Re: Hotel for Greek Shows

#67533 3 years ago
Have a great time my dear taper friend!!! Stay safe! Stay well and have some fun for me too!

So excited for you!!
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Re: Hotel for Greek Shows

#67543 3 years ago
I'm staying in motel named Jerry's motel,about 4 miles from the Greek theater. the name caught my eye but it got great reviews, safe neighborhood and free parking. I'll see you at the furthur gathering prior to the show. I'll be the dude in a tye dye and berkenstocks. Travel safely.
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Re: Hotel for Greek Shows

#67549 3 years ago
Were staying at the Hollywood Heights Hotel - About 3.5 miles from the Greek. I'm flying in from Atlanta the morning of the first show! Got tix for both nights & am soooooooo stoked!!!!
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