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Funny Story About the Tower Theater

#6692 3 years ago
I hope Jill doesn't get upset about me sharing this...

The General Manager of the Tower Theater gave a presentation in one of my classes at Temple this past Monday night, and explained how since Furthur was such a big deal and since the Tower was so honored to have them for 5 nights they wanted to do something nice for the band.

The staff at the Tower apparently re-furnished and re-painted the backstage VIP area specifically in an attempt to please our boys. I guess Jill got backstage before anyone else and supposedly the smell of the paint was overwhelming and she didn't want Phil around the area until the smell resided.

So Jill, if you see this 1. please don't hate me, and just know that it was the best intentions of the staff at the Tower to make the backstage area extra accommodating and pleasant for y'all, not to gross you out.

The whole run was magical, and I thank you all so much for making it a reality.
Brooklyn Jimmy
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Re: Funny Story About the Tower Theater

#6693 3 years ago
That's a perfectly reasonable reaction. Fresh paint can be very overwhelming.

Nice thought by them but any management worth their salt knows that fresh paint stinks.
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Re: Funny Story About the Tower Theater

#6707 3 years ago
Protect his liver from extra work!
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Re: Funny Story About the Tower Theater

#6724 3 years ago
fresh paint with the thinner still evaporating is probably a little hard on the liver.......
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Re: Funny Story About the Tower Theater

#6815 3 years ago
The shows the boys put on were definitely great, but the security at that place SUCKED! They were cornering people in the bathrooms and in the hallways if they caught them alone and stealing people's money among other things. Definitely a fun venue cuz of how lax it was, but certainly was a double edged sword. Non the less, what absolutely fantastic shows
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Re: Funny Story About the Tower Theater

#6830 3 years ago
a drunk bumped into me and the security chick with braided hair made me buy him a new beer after he dropped it. Whatever, i bought it cause it was the start of second set and i had to get my gear going, otherwise i would have argued. I would side with the sober person in an argument like that, but that's just me
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