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Your First Time

#66799 3 years ago
Tripping that is. If you want to write about when you lost your virginity that's cool too. The first time I dosed was at the WCKG Psychedelic Celebration at Poplar Creek Music Theater in the summer of '91. It was one of those daylong $10 concerts sponsored by the local classic rock station that had a bunch of old bands with only one original member remaining. The only person I remember is Ray Manzarek from The Doors. I had shroomed once before, but this was my first experience with LSD. This was also my first experience being around hippies on acid. It wasn't all hippies though. Being a cheap concert in the summer meant all the freaks came out of the woodwork. There were just as many people with mohawks as dreads. I met a few college buddies there and we headed to the lawn to find seats. One of my friends had a few tabs and offered them to me. He told me they were weak, but I had never tripped before so I only took one. Good thing. As we're waiting for the music to start I notice this skinny little hippy guy sitting by himself in front of us. He's just sitting there real still minding his own business. Then Ray Manzarek takes the stage and says "this one's for Jim" and goes into Break On Through, and this guy went bonkers! He starts dancing around all crazy. Remember, I hadn't been to any Dead shows yet so this was all new to me. Suddenly he throws his arms in the air, lets out a maniacal scream and runs down the hill toward the stage. And I was just thinking to myself "what the hell is wrong with that guy?" I don't remember much about my trip. I just remember everything being weird. Actually probably nothing was that weird, it just seemed that way. The thing I remember most was driving home that night and turning on my windshield wipers because it was raining, only to discover it wasn't raining. And when I got home my parents were watching the David Lynch movie Wild At Heart, and I thought "oh shit I can't handle watching something like that with my parents right now."
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Re: Your First Time

#66846 3 years ago
My first times tripping wern't to interesting (well they were for me but not to write about) and the mushrooms wern't to great so I'll fast forward a little bit. My first time doing them at a show was MSG 11/20/10 but they didn't work that great for me - my buddy on the other hand had a hell of a trip, but he did drink a little with them. On 3/8/11 was my 2nd time doing them at a show but they were much better ...... I had front row seats at trhe Oakdale in Wallingford, right Dead center. During intermission I was talking to this lady next to me and we ended up talking about tripping somehow, she did some acid and I told her I did some mushrooms. I didn't really have any visuals so far (couple hours after I ate them - close to peaking) so I wasn't really expecting anything besides the kick ass body high and vibes I was feeling. When I told her I was on mushrooms she starts telling me how she loves them because there so much more unpredictable then acid or anything and I swear right as shes telling me how unpredictable they are her face started melting. I looked away for a sec then looked back and it was still doing it, I didn't mention that to her but I turned and told my brother (who dosn't trip - or hasn't tried it yet anyway and I think he just kind of shook his head and laughed a little. It was a very fun night but it actually felt weird being that close, was awesome though....

I have no interest in acid myself, or anything else that dosn't come from the earth but I will do extractions like DMT or MDA but only if I know where they came from. Its very rare but my buddy has extracted both those and I got some, but I knew the whole process he went through and everything and that shit was as pure as it gets. MDA I did at 2 shows (11/19 and 11/21) and that was pretty wild. I've been hoping for more ever since but to no avail - I want to shroom with it at the same time when I do end up with more (hopefully). DMT I did a little more but still very rare but holly shit is that stuff insane. I've still never gotten to the "tunnel" that my buddy says you will get to if you do enough but I've tripped so hard on that stuff I almost can't imagine tripping any harder and getting to a tunnel.... with the DMT you gotta stay still and really be able to 'get into your trip' to get the full effects. Its crazy with that stuff how you could trip so hard but then come right out of your trip if you stand up/talk/ or even move your head to quick - you come out of the trip. It's similar to salvia in how it comes on so quick and how short it lasts but the trip is nothing like salvia, definitly the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.

What's even more amazing is that DMT naturally occurs in the human body and ever person in the world has tripped on it when they entered this world. Anybody who dies of natural causes will go out in a massive DMT trip as well, the human body naturally releases it when your born and when you die of natural causes. It is also believed to play a role in some dreaming which I believe I had experiences with as a child - 2 very distinct moments after waking up (as a child) that have stuck with me forever - I'll write about that later, I'm already missing the setlists writing all this. A lot of people believe that DMT is the cause of near death experiences and that when people 'see the light at the end of the tunnel' it is there body prematurley releasing DMT .... that's debatable but there are several scientists who have studdied and believe that. People who use large doses of DMT report extremly similar experieces as a lot of people who have near death experiences.

be careful out there though --- theres a recipe for DMT in the anarchist cook book and that shit is def not DMT at all. I couldn't believe it when I saw it - its like a 25-30 step process of mixing all different chemicals together and stuff - I would absolutley never buy anything like this off the street....
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Re: Your First Time

#68645 3 years ago
My first time tripping on acid was the summer of 1981. I was 17, had just graduated high school and was spending the summer in Ocean City, Maryland. One of my roommates was an experienced acid head with experienced acid head friends and I decided one day that I would also like to become experienced. We dropped and I remember it was nothing like anyone had described to me or that I had imagined. I fell in love with it. (A love affair that lasted many years) We did a series of fun things that were very much enhanced by tripping. We swam in the ocean, played mini-golf (couldn't stop laughing), listened to Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall (wow, hadn't ever heard it like that, man) and went to see "The Empire Strikes Back" at the movies. I remember seeing geometric moving patterns on the walls of the apartment, and seeing my beer bottle "melt". I got turned on to the Grateful Dead that fall when I started college and of course the music and that drug fit each other like a glove.

Even though I no longer use acid or any other drugs (ok, caffeine, and kava) I am grateful for all the trips I took. My brain is permanently hard-wired now to fully experience the psychedelic quality of Grateful Dead music. It was a useful tool and taught me very much. I can't say the same for alcohol, cocaine, benzos, or opiates.
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