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Re: Why no night one @ Redrox stream or Archive yet??

#66769 3 years ago
SunshineSue wrote:
I don't know what part of otherone78's question can be construed as a demand or something to be ashamed of, I truly don't. I think it was a reasonable question, given that we have had quick replays this tour. I even understand why those that have the live stream can't share it, and I don't bug you about it, even when you make it clear that you're listening when the rest of us aren't.
But give the guy a break, he was asking a reasonable question, not being rude or making an unreasonable demand, I don't think. I suppose he could have looked in the show review section and found it without a post, but I don't that's reason to jump on him either. What the heck is wrong with asking if the music is available yet, and being a bit excited with the question?
Come on guys, can't we just be nice to each other around here again!
Sue as far as I can tell only the first Eugene show was streamed live.Taper Rob's decision to share or not share his password is just that; his decision.I'm not sure why someone would stream it and not share but that is his prerogative.I never spoke badly of anyone,just stated that we are seriously spoiled here in the digital age.Otherone could have easliy listened to the recorded streams.I don't want this to turn into the Philzone,that place is full of bitter deader than thou types.I prefer it here much better
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Re: Why no night one @ Redrox stream or Archive ye

#66791 3 years ago
Sometimes we live no particular way but our own
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Re: Why no night one @ Redrox stream or Archive ye

#66934 3 years ago
geez when did the furthur board turn into PT or something? haha so much drama lately
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