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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

eyes of the world

#66691 3 years ago

just jammed this then needed to hear the boys playin it...really needed to hear garcia.

so tropical of a sound -

i love at 4:19 bruce is doin a falling chord thing and is a little serious wanting to make it sound nice(jerry power chords at $:19 are awesome tooo)...Bruce is great but he is on stage with the dead and is wanting to shoot under par if possible to hang...jerry lets him do that little chord sol...then at 4:26 he smile s at billy or mickey like..."that was sweet", "thanks" !!! Then..4:32 smilin like this is awesome...then 4:36 he looks like he wants to just cry sayin o himself.."My God ...this is so beautiful"....then back to the jam. Sometimes we really do live no paticular way but our OWN....what a lesson of love this song is...haappy day yall
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