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Red Rocks -what to expect?

#66110 3 years ago
We're over 2 hours outside of Colorado, coming from St. Louis. First time in Colorado. First time to Red Rocks. First time to see the mountains. Enough said x10. ! Oh yeah & my 50th bday LOL.
So...what to expect? When should we get to the parking lot? Can we take in cameras? Tailgating? Can you take in unopened water? Read some reviews on Yelp...but any info that you would be kind enough to share would be most appreciated...cause we're going for one of the experiences of a lifetime...
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Re: Red Rocks -what to expect?

#66113 3 years ago
Yeah, tailgating is pretty regular and cool there. Get to lot as early as you want, I'm sure it will be going decently at 2 or 3 p.m. I think you can take in empty waters...maybe unopened. I know last year I could take in a camelbak with the water bladder completely empty. They are a real chill and 'laxed vibe. Security is different depending on the night, but it's rare that it's bad for pot smoking or anything like that.

Just be ready to have a damn good time, stay hydrated and WARM. It may get cold at night....

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Re: Red Rocks -what to expect?

#66121 3 years ago
agree with all the above, large lots and good times....and awesome views!
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Re: Red Rocks -what to expect?

#66171 3 years ago
red rocks is very chill. shakedown is in the lower south lot. i usually park in lower north or upper south and walk there though. there's a map on the website if you want to check that out.

also, you can bring in a cooler if it's smaller than 12" cubed and unopened water and food (sandwhiches, peeled fruit, etc). again check the website for an exact list.

you won't see any mountains until you get pretty close to denver, but it's really nice out. 82 today! and it's will be cold at night with lows in the mid 40s to 50.

let me know if you have any other questions.
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Re: Red Rocks -what to expect?

#66259 3 years ago
This is my first trip to red rocks and I'm so psyched, but the Shakedown scene its really lackluster. I haven't even been able to get a grilled cheese!
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