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Fire Scarlet
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#7699 3 years, 6 months ago
Two beers from a bodega = $5
Two beers from a bar near Rockefeller Center = $25

It really isn't hard to understand why someone would choose to drink the bodega bought beer (wasn't trying to alliterate-Winning).
But if there isn't anywhere legal to drink it (except the tracks at Penn???) what do you expect people to do?
It's a concert, people like to pre-game and save a few bucks.
Cops know this, hence the undercovers.
And arresting and hassling hippies at Dead shows has always been a sport for them, come on, don't deny it.
I agree with the Firefighter.
Slipknot you need to get out of the city and mingle in the real world.
Everything is not so black and white (pun unintended)
I think if someone gets arrested and misses the show because they were DRINKING A BEER, they have a right to be pissed.
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