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Re: oh please god let there be a NYE show...

#65575 3 years ago
Ummmm..... for what it's worth, I heard from a friend who was backstage at Cuthbert that they are already starting to clear bandmember's schedules for spring 2013. That's how far in advance these guys plan. I wouldn't be surprised if all of 2012 is penciled in week or two blocks, with a couple one off runs here and there.

And of course there will be a NYE.
"You ain't gonna learn what you don't wanna know."

Re: oh please god let there be a NYE show...

#65625 3 years ago
Well that's certainly nice to hear.

I hope ur right, man. I hope ur right.
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Re: oh please god let there be a NYE show...

#65657 3 years ago
illuminaughty wrote:
i would totally like to see the boys do whatever they have the most fun doin.
yeah i would like to see some ratdog shows, but only if bob is in to it, and the rest of the "other guys".
if furthur is what bob and phil are having fun doing now, then bring on more furthur.
as someone who enjoys furthur, but misses ratdog, i admit that furthur sounds more like the GD than any other incarnation since jerry passed. and they have dug up stuff like king solemans marbles and alligator and alot of other songs(more brent songs please) that i never expected to hear played as well as furthur is playing them. yall might think im crazy but im jonesin easy answers and eternity and ashes and glass and two djin and she says and odessa and money for gasoline and the new songs that i only got to hear once or twice, BRING BACK THE DOG AFTER NYE!

Furthur plays a few of them but I hear you I'm missing all the Ratdog originals (except the 2, maybe 3 they rarely play) and then all the other Bobby songs you don't get with Furthur but I can't say I want Furthur to come to an end. Like you said I'm down with whatever they're happiest doing, because that's when they'll be at their best
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