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Walk in the Sunshine
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Its gettin better all the time

#65233 3 years ago
So its 24 hours till takeoff ...and my phone rings this morning. Its one of my best friends in the world. I went to shows with him for ten years and he always told me he used to be in bands back in the 70's. FF till about 4 yrs ago- he tells me he's playing lead guitar in a dead cover band "Steal Your Face". Well I go to see em and goddman he turns into a cross between Jerry Garcia and Dickey Betts. Well they ended up having a falling out about 2 yrs ago and he stopped playing with them. Well the good news... he tells me this morning he's in an awesome Allman Bros tribute band called "Live at the Fillmore"...these boys rock....Mike is the freaky lookin guitar player on the left... seems he's in the "Dickey Betts" role and the other guitarist is the "Duane Allman". Anyway check em out..and now I gots a new band to go see ..rock on Mikey!

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Re: Its gettin better all the time

#65234 3 years ago
wow, your friends RockS!! hes better then the last time i saw Dicky play(too drunk to pluck!) hope they keep jamming!!! 2 days till RED ROCKS!!!!!
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Re: Its gettin better all the time

#65262 3 years ago
Rock on Mikey!
Can't talk to you without talkin' to me. Were guilty of the same ol' things.
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