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Is bobby reading lyrics off prompt ?

#65089 3 years ago
Just wondering if anyone can verify this - At the summer show 7/24 especially during a hard rains gonna fall It looks like bobby keeps peeking at the lyrics off of a little prompt lookin dealio. doesnt matter if he is just curious..?
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Re: Is bobby reading lyrics off prompt ?

#65221 3 years ago
yes that is a teleprompter and phil has one too, in fact the whole band uses some sort of lyrical crutch it just that JK uses a music stand as well as sunshine and Jeff. There nothing wrong with using lyrics with the amount of songs these guys play and shows it not easy to have everything memorized and even if they do it still can get tricky. Bobby has been so good lately with his lyrics not a lot of vamping like he used to do on like the Other One per say. And Greatest Story has really taken shape, they sound freaking amaZing on that tune now.
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Re: Is bobby reading lyrics off prompt ?

#65369 3 years ago
It always seemed like Garcia was having trouble doing the mind latering jams and then being expected which stanza he was on.....

Even Frank Sinatra used them back in the day...
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