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Brother Dust
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At the Record store today

#64785 3 years ago
1st. I picked up Dead Ahead and JGB from the shorelline both used on DVD for $10.00. Im pretty excited to watch them, I never saw either one.

2nd. Some younger guy ( late teens early 20's ) was looking at the Dead section. And picked up Aritisan yrs and aoxomoxa. I noticed a steal your face on his nap sack. So I asked him if he was going to any of the shows coming up. He told me that he saw Furthur at the All Good Festival this past summer but didnt know any of the songs they played . HA HA HA Hopefully those disc will help that youg lad out.
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Re: At the Record store today

#64796 3 years ago
Yeah that young man needs some serious tutoring. That was a standard festival greatest hits set.
I wish I was the headlight on a northbound train.
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Re: At the Record store today

#64805 3 years ago
ya should have told him about the archive (wagging finger)
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
Terrapin Sedation
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Let your life proceed by its own design

Re: At the Record store today

#64839 3 years ago
But that's how it happens....He will love discovering the tunes himself (Although Mountains of the Moon and What's become of the Baby might weird him out).

Those $10 vids were a steal.

Dead Ahead is a classic. You will also enjoy Shoreline. What it lacks in cinematography it more than makes up with the quality of music. I"m sure you are aware that show was booked when Brent died and the band had to cancel the fall tour.
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