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Re: Furthur Needs Crescendos!

#65680 3 years ago
otherone78 wrote:
Totally disagree about John. There are many awe inspiring moments when he goes off, many fine examples the latest would be last nights Sugaree. John is his own player, Im really surprised that this community cant get passed the Jerry thing. No fair judging John by how we feel about Jerry, the man wrote the book, we all know this. This band is clearly going for a group mind set, making things tight as a single organism, not John trying to be Jimi Hendrix or something, they clearly try to share and with so many great players on one stage, the one man guitar fest just isnt in the cards, nor should it be. So please check out last nights Sugaree and then tell me John cant bring it.

I agree on John. It's just that his moments of greatness and abilities aren't being accentuated, and much of this has to do with presentation.

I was listening to the Cuthbert Sat show. John absolutely destroys the solo on Black Peter. Shreds it. But the solo gets understated by the collective whole. There's no emphasis on the key moment. The solo doesn't take Center Sound Stage! You don't want the music in a key movie scene to drown out the actor's key lines. Imagine last night's game winning Rays Home Run being presented from an overhead ceiling camera or blimp shot that didn't focus on the pitcher, pitch, swing and hit. The presentation is sucking the drama out of the music.

All you take out of that Peter is Bob's way over-emphasized William Shatner type vocals, in which JK and the backup singers are barely presented.

In a real way the band needs to get its individual ego out of the way of it's collective one. We know Phil and Bob were the core part of the core. They deserve the billing, they deserve their moments in the spotlight. The music and sound do too! Most of the time it's awesome I love it and get off. Sometimes though, it's like that lover you're attracted to, have great sex with, but then they pull one of those stupid moves that just annoys you, or they back off at the exact moment you want that certain something extra. Furthur needs that dirty talk. A lover of the music, and aggressive coach or conductor that's not in the band. Someone that could say into the ear monitor...Bob...turn it down a notch....Soundboard...give me 7dbs on JK's guitar.
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Re: Furthur Needs Crescendos!

#66380 3 years ago
Couldn't agree more. It would really spice it up.
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Re: Furthur Needs Crescendos!

#68615 3 years ago
It seemed to me that at Red Rocks on Saturday and Sunday nights, Bob and Phil gave JK a lot more leash than he's been given in the past. Also, Phil was orchestrating some awesome crescendos all weekend long!!
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Re: Furthur Needs Crescendos!

#68633 3 years ago
deadontherivet wrote:
I'm looking at photos from
1994 were Jerry has a cab that is mikes. I don't see an amp head, but I am guessing it is in the effects racks.

I can't say for sure... but I think those were so he could just communicate to the people when he's standing at the stack... like "turn that higher" or "who the fuck just changed that sound?"
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