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Re: I want Ratdog back

#64673 3 years, 1 month ago
i prefer ratdog to furthur. i really like what furthur is doing though, and they are by far better than any other group that bob and phil have both been in since jerry died. i like warren but i dont think his style fits with the boys.
i love that S.F. trippy guitar sound John brings to the band(i dont know or care where hes from, i was refering to his solo stlyes).,
i love both bands.
i miss ratdog.
i am happy with whatever the boys do though, as long AS THEY ARE HAVING FUN! which they def. look like they are doing with furthur.
i do not want furthur to stop touring, i would just like bob to take alil time, put out a ratdog album do west coast tour to support it, then shampoo my carpets. LOL. us deadheads can be really demanding.
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Re: I want Ratdog back

#64681 3 years, 1 month ago
I've never gotten to see the GRATEFUL Dead. And before Furthur came along Ratdog was my favorite by far! I enjoyed them more than I enjoyed the Dead in 09. I think I loved them so much because it was a different twist to the Dead's style and the HORNS is what made that band so amazing! In my opinion

BUT then the boys formed Furthur and blew my freaking mind!

All post bands are Dead music. In my world Grateful Dead is just not a band. It's a category of music. And there are so many different styles and way to perform the music! Change lyrics around, keys, write new songs, but they are still following a guide...... which is the Grateful Dead!

Furthur is probably the closest thing I'll get to experience the Grateful Dead! They rearrange the music some what but I feel they are just giving it a little update to what it would sound like today if Jerry was here. JK fills that spot very nice, and no way am I dissing Warren, Steve, Jimmy, etc cuz they are all amazing guitarist. And at first I wasn't too thrilled with Russo but he has proved him self to me show after show that he can fill that void! And the singers are amazing! It's that sweet touch I need kinda like the sweet touch the horns provide to Ratdog.

I'm so thankful for Furthur! Who doesn't think it's awesome that Phil and Bobby are combining forces to bring us the music! They wanted to do this! This is what they are feeling at the moment.! And if all these rumors are true about Phil which I won't believe until it happens... Bobby may decide to go a whole other direction with the music.
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Re: I want Ratdog back

#64708 3 years, 1 month ago
i would like to add that i dont believe(or even heard) the rumors that Phil is not touring any more or whatever.
keep on truckinn brother, i hope you feel as good as you look and sound on stage.
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