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Re: Zane Kesey-

#63875 3 years ago
@23atwell... I went to most sfbay shows 89-95, never toured, and I can see why some less thoughtful individuals might claim sellout after seeing the police and security at shoreline not knowing any better. I didn't do any more shows after Jerry until Furthur NYE last year and the BG Civic scene was crazy.. but then going to Shoreline me and my buddy were SUPER surprised how 'watered down' the scene ad become. It was almost a bummer but the people were still there... ya just gotta poke around.

Funny enough, the thought never occurred to me for 1 second that it had ANYTHING to do with the band, but rather I'd noticed that all concerts and events had super uptight security since 9/11. That f'd up the psyche of the whole country, IMHO
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Re: Zane Kesey-

#63877 3 years ago
Yes the same one for that show and another of the group or pair will be outside the next night while the one selling the night before is inside the show. At least that's how it used to work when my principle job was tour vendor.
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Re: Zane Kesey-

#64240 3 years ago
I don't know exactly what was going on here, but vending and large crowds of people showing up without tickets has definitely caused problems in the past.

If the people "throwing the party" care to allow vending, that's great. If they don't permit vending, if you break their wishes you run the risk of having the heat come down on you. End of story. We do not have a right to vend - with legal protection - if the powers that be say "not in my house".

I am thankful for anyone who provides a place for Furthur to play. I love the vending, but for me seeing the show is #1. I admit, I do not make my living vending so I am certain people who vend may think otherwise.

I can't believe the "no vending rule" is enacted to ruin somebody's day. It may be to cut down competition so the powers that be can sell more stuff...welcome to America.

The way this November tour is scheduled makes me believe the band is still concerned about hoards of fans showing up for the big party, with or without tickets. Why else would they make it so chopped up logistically.

I've attached an article from Relix Magazine, summer 1989 when the scene got too big and as a result many venues told the grateful dead they were no longer welcome. Don't think it can't happen again. Lots of towns don't care for thousand's of stoned out hippies showing up for the day and leaving behind a mess.

I don't think it matters who decides whether vending is allowed or not.....only thing I dislike is the finger pointing - feels like someone was trying to set up furthur to be the "bad guys" ...set up like a bowling pin....but I may be wrong there.

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