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Walk in the Sunshine
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Wholey Moley Stones content

#63251 3 years ago
Reading the thread about covers I went over to IORR ( its only rock n roll) the Stones fan site. As a huge Stones fan I had never heard that they don't play chuck Berry anymore. While looking at a few lists I came upon this review about a Private stones show - not sure if the pic will come through but it looks like an upscale banquet hall. How cool is this if someone I worked for set this up I would work for free for a year. ( of course it was for a bank the only ones who can afford the Stones)
Like how they "let in" the Swedish Models.

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Re: Wholey Moley Stones content

#63257 3 years ago
Yeah, they're not above the odd corporate gig. During one of their recent tours they played a few shows in Hawaii. The cost of moving all their equipment to another continent was basically prohibitive so they cut a deal with Pepsi where the company would pay the cost and in return the Stones would play a nice intimate gig for the top execs and their friends.
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