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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6824 3 years ago
Thanks for great music!
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6826 3 years ago
My Dear Reddy,

Where do I even begin!?!? By picking my jaw up from the floor, I suppose.

From the top of Mt. Tam to the bottom of the Bay, my eternal gratitude for facilitating so much love and bringing so many beautiful things into my life. Once again, The Grateful Dead...the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and Jill and the rest of the tribe for all that you do! I am choked up knowing that something special just big-banged into our musical universe.

Community and collaboration carry the day yet again! Ramble on, Ramblers!
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6828 3 years ago
Phil and Jill,
This is so very exciting. I remember buying the "Terrapin Station" disc to support the other venue idea...gosh 10+ years ago now. I like the more intimate approach; dying to see it take form now.

Can't wait to Ramble with the Dead (and everyone here) on your home turf in Marin.

See you front row balcony at the Fox this weekend!

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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6924 3 years ago
Judit, that sounds like a fun, refreshing way to travel to a show. Imagine blueberry, cestrum newelli, 'black knight' butterfly bush, 4 different colors of salvia, spice bush, sea statice, douglas Iris and gazania around the edges as well..

Hey Phil n Jill if you return here, thanks for keeping the search alive ...and Phil, do you have any advice to deal with stage fright?
My bluegrass guitar skills shrink under the light...getting a little better each time playing out but it's tough.
"if you don't like the news go out and make some of your own"
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6925 3 years ago
Any update on "Summer" tour?

Midwest (MI?), pretty please...

Thanks to One and All for the Music and Love!!

"Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream..."
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6930 3 years ago
kilowatt wrote:
NL- thanks for those kind words- we had a fun time all weekend- there is just something about New York City...
- Phil

It's called Pigeons, Phil. A unique phenomenon in NYC

FWIW Great run at RCMH, listened to the streams

and thanks for calling out my buddy Gitmo last week. That was a really classy move Phil. I am going to his memorial service with his family this coming Saturday in Deerfield Bch. Fl. at Cavalry Church.

We , down here in S. Florida are very much looking forward to Mizner. It is 5 minutes from my home. I never request songs, but I would love to see some killer jams with pre-1970 tunes, but will be happy just seeing you guys still going at it.

We are having a wine dinner pre-show at my home, Napa Cab's (what else) and then the after show at Boca Muse (also 5 minutes from Mizner). It is going to be a really fun night.

Enjoy the rest of the tour, see you in Sunny S. Florida. The weather is beautiful.
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6931 3 years ago
Thanks for the great show last night, once again!

I think that jam session should be able to hold me over until we meet again @ All Good Fest.
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6932 3 years ago
HI Guys, heading from Indiana to the shows in FL any chance of seeing you'all in the midwest this year. Glenn
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6939 3 years ago
could we get a song/show dedication for Joseph, Phil? www.postgazette.com/pg/11090/1136062-100.stm
St. Stevie
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6958 3 years ago
Thanks as always guys. Haven't read the entire thread but if you can find your way to the Buffalo area this summer that would be great.
Enjoy the rest of tour.
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Re: Hey, Gang-

#6960 3 years ago
crackin me up that people are still posting on this thread.

Re: Hey, Gang-

#6971 3 years ago
bitzer87 wrote:
crackin me up that people are still posting on this thread.

Keep laughing then, Hypocrite.

Just kidding ya!
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