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fantasy setlist competition

#6235 3 years, 7 months ago
maybe since so many people think they can write good setlists(seems like people like to put together their own take on what will be played or 'due up' in the rotation) maybe members can 'submit' setlists that could be sorted through by your crew or whomever...then taking either whole setlists or partial setlists that seem in touch with what the band may be going for or whatever. It's just an idea. I tend to put together 'fantasy' setlists all the time and others do to. maybe it would just seem like too much work or adding to an already heavy workload, which I wouldn't want. Heck, I am not even saying you should do this but earlier when the board first accepted members, there was a 'site suggestions' icon people were clicking on and throwing in ideas. and this one is mine. maybe don't annonce which setlist is chosen or partial for that matter...the people who participate will simply find out by either going to the show or checking out the setlist after the show. maybe it could be released post show. maybe a once in a while thing, not every show...or whatever
Junior Boarder

Re: fantasy setlist competition

#6251 3 years, 7 months ago
They're already looking...
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