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Oh Jesus i'm so excited!!!

#62347 3 years, 1 month ago
Just living vicariously through all of your posts coming in from EUGENE, keep em coming. I got 10 more days until I hit Vegas an oooh baby its friggin on!!! Safe Travels and Postive Vibes to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

side note: I haven't picked up Monterey tix yet so if anyone has 1-3 for either or both days, I will Steal Your Face Values from you! Also haven't got a lot of info regarding hotel/camping in Monterey, I've been told that there is a lot of little hotels in walking distance, lemme know what your all doing maybe we can take over a telly, or better yet a camp ground!
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Re: Oh Jesus i'm so excited!!!

#62388 3 years ago
thank you my good man

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Re: Oh Jesus i'm so excited!!!

#62447 3 years ago
I too have to wait till Vegas so I feel your pain. I usually try to catch the first half of tour. I don't know what I was thinking when I planned this. 10/4 can't come soon enough. Keep the vibes and photos coming. Travel safe y'all.
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