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Vending at Monterey and Red Rocks

#62230 3 years, 1 month ago
hello, does anyone know anything about selling food in the lots at Monterey and Red Rocks? i don't want to get in a pickle by planning to do this and getting shut down. we have a solar powered mobile health food kitchen and are planning to pick up tour at Maverick. looks like Maverick should be fine but i'm a little worried about the aforementioned shows. any insights will help tremendously, thanks so much!!
Platinum Boarder

Re: Vending at Monterey and Red Rocks

#62235 3 years, 1 month ago
this is just the opinion of someone who has done alot of tours. ok, they are harshin on vending at eugene, which kinda makes no since to me but thats whats posted, lets wait and hear some first hand accounts of the lot scene tonight, this whole things is probably over blown, secondly, monterey is onsite camping so you have to be able to prepare your own food, so im sure as long as your stealthy you will be fine there, it is after all the last two shows, and the boys do show the bay area some love, as for red rox, your guese is as good as mine.
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Re: Vending at Monterey and Red Rocks

#62237 3 years, 1 month ago
It usually varies from venue to venue, but you never know. I'm presuming the vending they dislike the most will be involving
trademark/copyright infringement. And none of us need the nitrous. If you want that, bring your own. Don't vend it.
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