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Platinum Boarder

For What It's Worth

#62170 3 years ago
Just finished off my final bike ride of the summer. And what a summer it was. I got in about 12 miles. Currently 72, + sunny. Hopefully this will last until next weeks RR shows. Hope to see many new faces at the shows, + in the future. Enjoy !
Junior Boarder

Re: For What It's Worth

#62181 3 years ago
12 miles is a nice ride. I could deal with 10 degrees cooler but low 70s is fine too. Do you know if the taller peaks have snow on them already? We are aiming to get up into RMNP on Monday.
Walk in the Sunshine
Platinum Boarder

Re: For What It's Worth

#62187 3 years ago
Don't know how ya do it SIB. I would be having a coronary somewhere around the 5th or 6th mile. I am really kicking myself for not spending a couple extra days for checkin out the area.

I know that one "Stop hey whats that sound, everybody look whats goin down"
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