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Vintage Grateful Dead / Hippie / SF movie

#62148 3 years ago
I don't know where the first video is from, it looks like it's cut from different places ??? But cool to see Paul McCartney talk about the dead.

Next is a TV documentary from 1967 full of hippies and the boys when they were first starting. Great to watch (IMO). Nice Dancin in the streets in Golden Gate Park +++ the boys are quite young here....it was ~ 45 years ago. Lots of Drug use.

Here's the part mostly about the Grateful Dead (below)

Below is the complete documentary (4 parts)

Finally, link to a Paul McCartney movie on the grateful dead, not the movie but a description and some Q&A

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Re: Vintage Grateful Dead / Hippie / SF movie

#62411 3 years ago
rent petulia with george c scott, the doctor kildare guy whose name escapes me, and julie christie
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