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from the p.o.v of an adoptee....

#62106 3 years, 1 month ago
So...I called the hospital I was supposedly born at with my amended {fake} and legally accepted birth date looking for ANY info I might be able to get from MY OWN birth record and I am told only my birth parents are allowed to see MY information. WTF? SO I ASK FOR MY BIRTH DATE {NON AMENDED} AND THEY HAVE TO GET BACK TO ME IF I AM ALLOWED TO EVEN HAVE THIS. CLOSED RECORDS SUCK ASS. AND IF ANYONE IS ONE OF THOSE I WOULD GET AN ABORTION IF THE RECORDS WERE OPEN people, wtf are they thinking? People have to know where they come from, you just can't make up a new version and expect it to stick. Frustration over this is decades long and still unanswered. With private adoption there is no agency, data base, there were no social workers, only a lawyer, a broker, a doctor and someone who was wrongly promised anonimity.
Please tell Governor Christie of NJ to open the records
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