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Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61234 3 years ago
IMHO a fairly decent list but it is lacking. Out of the 20 or so shows I've caught 2 really stand out:

1. 4/1/11 Hampton... This was a high energy furthur show that was just over the top. Head and shoulders above the rest and I caught a few on his list and they don't touch this show. Saturday night to open on a Friday (April Fools)>Promised Land>foolish heart.................smoking hot

04/01/11 (Fri) Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, VA

Set 1: One More Saturday Night, Promised Land, Foolish Heart > Brown Eyed Women, Maggie's Farm > Octopus' Garden (1), Mexicali Blues (2) > Jam > Quinn the Eskimo (2)

Set 2: Weather Report Suite Prelude > WRS Part I > Let it Grow > He's Gone > Uncle John's Band > She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (1) > China Cat Sunflower > Shakedown Street > Black Peter, Good Lovin' tease > Fool in the Rain (3) > Good Lovin', E: Box of Rain

Comment: (1) Beatles cover
(2) first time played by Furthur
(3) Led Zeppelin cover, first time played

2. 2/27/10 - I think this show was the precurasor or "warm up" for the massive 3-3-10 show. Awesome setlist flawlessly executed.

02/27/10 (Sat) Trump Taj Mahal - Mark G Etess Arena - Atlantic City, NJ

Set 1: Passenger, Next Time You See Me, King Bee, Hell in a Bucket, Crazy Fingers > Cumberland Blues, Magnolia Mountain, Sugaree

Set 2: Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider > The Wheel > Jam > Dark Star > Stella Blue, Unbroken Chain, One More Saturday Night, E: Gloria

3. We all know what opinons are like....but I was at 4 of the five towers this spring and I thought 3/20 & 3/19 were better. Loved the first set ..second set was ok.. didn't dig some of the song selectiions.

His list:

In chronological order:

3/3/10, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago: Awesome first set with “Playing,” “Eyes,” “Uncle John’s” and “China Cat-Rider.” Second set has “Scarlet-Fire,” “St. Stephen-Eleven,” “The Other One,” a “Dark Star” jam and “Help-Slip-Frank.”

3/12/10, Bill Graham Civic, SF: Phil turns 70 and invites pals Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene and former P&F keyboard ace Steve Molitz to help out on a great three-set affair. The opening acoustic set is perhaps the best, with Robinson on Pig’s “Two Souls in Communion,” Jackie on a moving “Brokedown Palace” and everyone on a gorgeous “Attics.” Chris is also great on “High Time” and “Comes a Time,” and Molitz’s instrumental “Elevator” gets a nice workout in the third set.

5/30/10, Furthur Festival, Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp, CA: Three sets, three complete albums played in order, all beautifully: Blues for Allah, Aoxomoxoa (yes, including “Rosemary” and “What’s Become of the Baby”) and Terrapin Station—the last marking the Furthur debut of the complete “Terrapin” suite. Teresa Williams sings like an angel on Donna’s “Sunrise.”

6/25/10, Highland Bowl Amphitheatre, Rochester, NY: Another jammy first set, with “Here Comes Sunshine” > “Feel Like a Stranger,” “King Solomon’s Marbles,” and “Strawberry Fields.” Second set boasts a “Viola Lee” triple-decker sandwich, along with “Time,” “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” and “Attics of My Life.”

6/26/10, MCU Park, Coney Island, NY: “China Cat-Rider” opener, “High Time” and “Throwing Stones” in the first set; second includes “Playing” > “Dark Star” > “St. Stephen” > “The Eleven” > “Dark Star” and the full “Terrapin” suite.

6/27/10, MCU Park, Coney Island, NY: How’s this for a first set medley— “Sugar Magnolia” > “Mr. Fantasy” > “Scarlet” > “Magnolia Mountain” > “Uncle John’s.” The second has “Unbroken Chain,” “Fire on the Mountain” > “The Other One,” “Morning Dew” and another “Help-Slip-Frank.”

7/9/10, All Good Music Festival, Masontown, WVA: Show begins with “After Midnight” > “Estimated Prophet” > “Just a Little Light.” Second set opens with “Uncle John’s” and includes “Sugar Mag,” “So Many Roads,” “Scarlet-Fire,” “Terrapin” and, for the encore, a scorching “Cumberland Blues” (this being Coal Country) and “Ripple.”

7/11/10, Mann Music Center, Philadelphia: “Stranger” > “Shakedown” combo to open; first set also includes fine “Magnolia Mountain,” “Money for Gasoline,” “Lost Sailor” > “Saint.” Later there’s “Mountains of the Moon” > “St. Stephen” > “The Eleven,” “Terrapin,” and “Morning Dew.”

9/17/10, Cuthbert Amphitheatre, Eugene, OR: First set “Here Comes Sunshine,” “Estimated” > “Passenger,” “Golden Road.” Second starts with “Scarlet” > “Bird Song” > “Uncle John’s,” and has “Terrapin” > “St. Stephen” > “Sugar Mag.” “Playing” reprise is the surprise encore, followed by “Touch of Grey.”

9/25/10, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO: “Help-Slip-Frank” opener; first set also has three slabs of “Viola” surrounding “Bertha” and “Cumberland.” Second set has “I Know You Rider,” “Terrapin” suite, “Dark Star,” “Unbroken Chain” and ends with “Stella Blue” > “The Other One.”

11/20/10, Madison Square Garden, NYC: Fantastic “Help-Slip-Shakedown” opener; also “Wharf Rat” and “Terrapin” suite in first set! Second set includes “Dark Star” > “The Other One” > “St. Stephen,” “Franklin’s” closer.

3/4/11, Orpheum Theatre, Boston: “Cream Puff War” > “Good Lovin’” > “Come Together” reprise > “Good Lovin’” reprise to end first set. Well-done “Wheel” > “Uncle John’s” > "Playing” > “Crazy Fingers > “Other One” > “Morning Dew” are among the second set gems.

3/12/11, Best Buy Theater, NYC: First set concludes with “Here Comes the Sun” > “Sunshine Daydream” > "Supplication” > “Sunshine Daydream” > “Born Cross-Eyed.” Second set has “Wheel” > “Magnolia Mountain” > “Mountains of the Moon” > “Uncle John’s Band,” a lovely “Stella Blue” and exciting “Elevator” (again with Steve Molitz).

3/15/11, Best Buy Theater, NYC: Another Phil B-day show with unusual combinations, including “Corinna” > “Crazy Fingers” > “So Many Roads” in the first set, and “Scarlet” > “China Cat” > “Ramble On Rose” in the second. Highlight, though, is the only performance of the Side Two medley from Abbey Road, beginning with “You Never Give Me Your Money” and finishing with “The End.” Encore is “St. Stephen” > “Her Majesty.”

3/18/11, Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA: Dynamic second set sequence with “Cryptical Envelopment” > "New Speedway Boogie” > “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” > “Rosemary” > “Morning Dew”; plus a bunch of other cool tunes.

3/26/11, Radio City Music Hall, NYC: The entire first set is a tribute to the recently deceased Owsley, with all songs from the ’66-’67 period, including “Golden Road” > “Viola Lee Blues” > “Alligator,” the only performance of “Alice D. Millionaire,” plus “Cream Puff War” and “Lovelight.” Generous second set features “Playing,” brief looks at “Dark Star” in two parts, the first-ever version of Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse,” the “Terrapin” suite and “Help-Slip-Frank.”

3/27/11, Radio City Music Hall, NYC: Special guest Elvis Costello takes the lead on first set tunes “Tennessee Jed,” “Friend of the Devil,” “Ship of Fools” > “Must’ve Been the Roses” > “Ship of Fools,” while Larry Campbell sings The Band’s “Chest Fever” and plays guitar and fiddle on a number of tunes. Elvis’ wife, Diana Krall, tackles “Ripple” to end the first set and later sings (and plays wicked piano on) “Fever” during an extended encore. Campbell’s wife, Teresa Williams, sings “Sunrise” in a second set that also includes “Uncle John’s,” “St. Stephen,” “Unbroken Chain,” “Morning Dew” and, to end the evening, a sublime “Attics of My Life” (with Teresa and Elvis in the heavenly “choir”).

6/3/11, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA: “Here Comes the Sun” starts the show; first set closes with “Deal” > “The Other One” > “Hell in a Bucket.” After a powerful “Help-Slip-Frank” opener for the second set, the evening peaks with the group’s only stab at the thrice-played fall ’73/winter ’74 sequence of “Playing” > “Uncle John’s” > “Morning Dew” > “Uncle John’s” reprise > “Playing” reprise.

7/23/11, Mann Music Center, Philadelphia: Strong first set has “Greatest Story,” “Reuben and Cherise,” “Loser” and “Quinn the Eskimo.” Second set has superb “Shakedown” > “Man Smart, Woman Smarter,” George Harrison’s “Any Road,” “Playing” > “Help-Slip-Frank” > "Playing” reprise, and double-encore of Led Zep’s “Fool in the Rain” and “Saturday Night.”

7/31/11, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA: “Not Fade Away” opener is followed by imaginative trio of “New Speedway” > “I Need a Miracle” > “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.” First set also has “Reuben,” “Mission in the Rain” and “Magnolia Mountain.” Second set highlights include “Bird Song” > “Terrapin” > “Unbroken Chain” > “Standing on the Moon” and tour-ending encore of “U.S. Blues” > The Beatles’ “The End.”

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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61238 3 years ago
None of the Broomfield shows made the list?
Night 2 2010 was epic, and the whole 2011 run was stellar.
I wish I was the headlight on a northbound train.
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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61240 3 years ago
I thought the first two shows this last February were freakin' smoking. The eight ( Colorado shows I have seen are all good. And they get better everytime I see them . How tragic.
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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61241 3 years ago
I was at phils bday and calaveras and I don't think they should be up there. Although i did have the best time I ever had at the calaveras but I don't think the music is better than other shows I saw. Broomsfield 2010, and nye 09-10 were the best for me
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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61251 3 years ago
Wheres simpsonville?
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first Furthur show: 2/19/10

Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61252 3 years ago
A nice list for sure, I agree those are great. Im glad to see 2/27/10, 9/25/10 and 7/31/11. Three personal favs of mine. I would add, 2/19/10 with an amazing 20 min Darkstar then otherone>let it grow>NFA first ever knockin on heavens door as the encore and all part of a unique NFA sandwich. 3/6/2010 might be my fav show so far, 3/3 I find to be lacking, 3/6/10 is legendary imo. 7/3/10 at the Gelston Castle. 9/17/10 kills it, I also think 7/4/10 at Nateva deservs a nod for the most amazing Days between EVER.
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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61260 3 years ago
I was fortunate enough to catch three of the shows on Blair's list (Eugene, MSG and Shoreline).... And they were all smokin'. I would be tempted to include the TRI Studios pay-per-view broadcast. The sounds was out of this world!
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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61304 3 years ago
Remember, Blair makes the disclaimer that he's actually attended only two Furthur shows. Most of the evaluations were done by listening to soundboards. A somewhat different experience than letting the music spin your head around in a venue.

That said, I was at four shows on the list (MSG, Tower, the two Manns) and I thought they were all great.
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Re: Blair Jacksons best furthur shows

#61321 3 years ago
the “Playing” > “Uncle John’s” > “Morning Dew” > “Uncle John’s” > “Playing” reprise at Shoreline 06/03/11 was pretty damn good! lots of highlights for this two-day run at Shoreline, but this song sequence was my favorite part.

6/3/11, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA: “Here Comes the Sun” starts the show; first set closes with “Deal” > “The Other One” > “Hell in a Bucket.” After a powerful “Help-Slip-Frank” opener for the second set, the evening peaks with the group’s only stab at the thrice-played fall ’73/winter ’74 sequence of “Playing” > “Uncle John’s” > “Morning Dew” > “Uncle John’s” reprise > “Playing” reprise.
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