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Tape Trading

#61222 3 years, 1 month ago
I miss it. I was a super obsessive tape trader back in the day. I had over 700 tapes. I still have 100, but got rid of the others over the years as I needed more closet space. I don't even have a way to listen to them anymore, but I can't imagine ever parting with them. Tape trading has become totally obsolete now that you can download practically every show ever recorded, but years ago it was the only way you could hear recent performances. I used to place classified ads in Relix, The Golden Road, and Dupree's Diamond News and wait for the tape lists to come flooding in. I'd spend hours looking at the lists and checking my DeadBase to see what interested me most. I imagine my mailman really hated me because of all the Max Point packages I got. I always wondered why they sent those individually instead of one big shipment. I always had more tapes than I could ever listen to, but I was totally addicted to trading. When I had time I would help out some of the many "begs" I received. I especially liked making tapes for people just getting into the scene. I would start them off with Barton Hall or the Hampton Warlocks shows and include a history lesson so they could learn the significance of those shows. Was anyone else a tape trader?
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Re: Tape Trading

#61230 3 years, 1 month ago
I used to be a regular on the Dicks picks forum on Deadbase for many years where we all traded cdrs like crazy. I now have almost 600 sbds and audios thanks to the kind heads of that amazing forum, which was destroyed by a troll around 2004. I was hooked on trading and enjoyed getting free shows in the mail with all kinds of free goodies. Archive.org has pretty much killed trading these days. I would offer up some stuff on here but I dont have a way to burn my discs right now.
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