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Junior Boarder

Re: Obamas election foreshadows apacolipse

#64491 3 years ago



How's it working out for you??

To be honest, I'm beginning to hate Obama as much as the wingnuts who accuse him of being a socialist-fascist secret-Muslim terrorist sympathizer hellbent on avenging the colonial atrocities inflicted upon his African tribal ancestors. These nutcases should love the guy. He is a quintessential instrument of the establishment.

In a familiar pattern, Obama caved in to Republicans yet again last week or so, this time reversing position on promises to set responsible air pollution standards -- you know, as recommended by scientists. I knew early on he was going to be a puppet of Wall Street -- his campaign financing ensured that -- but I at least expected him to throw progressives a bone on environmental policy. Instead, when you strip away the empty rhetoric, he's been every bit the industry shill as Bush. His handling of the BP oil spill was embarrassing, and he's done virtually nothing in regard to promoting alternative energy and addressing climate change. Instead, he's getting ready to approve a pipeline from the Canadian oil tar sands -- the second largest carbon store on the planet -- to US refineries. As a prominent NASA scientist put it, this is "game over" for any distant hopes of stabilizing the climate.

The extent of Obama's fealty to Wall Street has been stunning. In the latest debacle, his administration isn't batting an eye to new revelations of criminal practices at the Securities and Exchange Commission, where it has been revealed that the federal agency charged with regulating banks and financial institutions that wrecked the economy has been systematically destroying documents related to investigations of their corruption and malfeasance. Apparently this has been going on for years, and nobody gives shit. Incredible.

I can't figure Obama out. He doesn't stand for anything and has absolutely no backbone. Just seems like he's going through the motions, perfectly content to settle for whatever hopelessly compromised and disastrous "negotiation" he gets from the opposition. Given that he has continually alienated his supporters yet still has any hope of re-election is a sad testament to the sheer absurdity of the candidates favored by the Republican/Tea Party. Collectively, they're like some ridiculous caricature created by The Onion.

I no longer see any point in bothering to vote in presidential elections. It's a waste of time to wait in line and fill out a ballot. None of the candidates in any way represent the present or future interests of this country. This is no longer a democracy answerable to its own people. Our nation has devolved into full-blown plutocracy, and if trends continue, it's headed down a path to fascism.
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