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Re: How about a REAL tour!!!

#6279 3 years, 7 months ago
Phil has said it before. NYC and Philyl crowds bring so much out of the band with their enthusiam and shit. Liek you said, perhaps the West Coasters are laid back, and dont get all crazy, so its less fun for them to play there???

I dunno, but it seems like they really enjoy the East or else they wouldnt play there so much.
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Re: How about a REAL tour!!!

#6288 3 years, 7 months ago
Cold be true.
I have a feeling it is Phil's tour manager. He never toured the West coast much, where as Bobby does extensive west coast(NW & SW) runs.

Phil (PH & F) has NEVER played Seattle.. NEVER!! He played Snoqualmie (45 minutes east of Seattle) once in 2001 and the Gorge once in 2000.

I just wish they could see how bands like WSP are doing it. Hitting amazing venues all over west of Colorado: New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, etc... ..and at the right times for weather!! Late September NW runs are not a great idea, weather wise!

Furthur's touring habits are the worst in the business.. Granted they are old, but 6 shows on the West coast then 40+ in the NY area is pretty damn lame by any stretch of the imagination...
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Re: How about a REAL tour!!!

#6292 3 years, 7 months ago
velvet thunder wrote:
I have noticed this as well. I don't know what the reason is but i feel like it has to due with lack of interest. I hate to say it but heads out west might be getting to old to keep this band playin hard. i know they love San Fran and Cali more than anywhere so i have to ask myself why play so much in NYC or north east. i have been out to shows in san fran about 5 times and i always notice the more laid back (less clapping, singing along and cheering) than back east. you guys have your own flavor and i dig it but as a band i would want people getting up out of there seats and rockin. I noticed that two years in a row the night before NYE in san fran has not sold out of sold out really really late, that would never happen in NYC. those tickets would be lone gone the first day. Maybe it is about $$$ but i feel like it might be about interest.

love you west coast heads, without which i might never have found the dead... always love to yall

Younger folks out West don't get The Dead?
At least it ain't Texas!
The Deadheads gather at the rim of the volcano to dance and sing joyful songs in honor of their fallen hero.
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Re: How about a REAL tour!!!

#6452 3 years, 7 months ago
WE NEED SOME MORE EASTCOAST SHOWS. 3 night Beacon Run, 2 night Mann Center, Bethel Woods , Saratoga Springs, Penns Peak & PNC. (JILL) If you book them we will come.
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