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Fire Scarlet
Fresh Boarder

Re: Back in the Day - NOT Deader Than Thou

#7702 3 years, 6 months ago
Back in the day..before Touch of Grey, every stranger you made eye contact with at a show was dosed.
Back in the day you could buy cool sleeve inserts, on shakedown, for your cassettes and would copy the setlists yourself by hand.
Back in the day tie dies were a lot less intricate but EVERYBODY at shows wore one to make an awesome sea of color.
Back in the day there was no MDMA.
Back in the day you camped out for tickets.
Back in the day there was no Phish
Back in the day most young guys HATED Bobby and his jorts (because our girlfriends loved him so much and it made us nervous)
Back in the day The Fat Man rocked
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