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#60423 3 years, 1 month ago
Well I have had some major syncronicity situation in my life but they all seem to come with the help of shows and trippin. My experiences have brought to tears where I just thought to myself I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be at this exact moment. My best story is one day me and my best friend were on the haight just chilling , drinking having a good time. Sometimes we would go up there and trip a little but this time I wasn't. Then this guy came up to us and we starting chatting and talking about the dead and he showed us some dmt and I passes and the he had a big jar of this stuff and it looked like a mud milkshake and he said this is ayahuasca. He explained it ball and I was like let me try it. After be a little drunk not so clear mind I took two fat gulps. Not going in to much of the trip, I was on psychedelic ride and it was quite the experience.

Then about a year later. I'm in broomsfield going to see further. I'm in motor home with some heads I got to know well. I explain my story to them and one of the guys there said hey is his name grasshopper I said ya. Well that was his brother and proved it. I was completely amazed. These brothers don't live in cali or close to each other.

There's been a lot more experiences and it just reminds me, this is who Im suppose to be and thank gd
And I'm going to sit right here until I die
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