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Walk in the Sunshine
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Martinsburg Air show crash

#60325 3 years, 1 month ago
First this happened about 2 hours ago 15 minutes away from us. For the last few days we heard unusual "sonic" boom type sounds and found out yesterday that it was jets practicing for this show. We even watched a few yesterday. Anyway Jen wanted to go but I had no interest. Thank god we didn't. These "shows" have always frightened me- there was another crash at a Reno air show yesterday. I really don't get the point of guys risking there lives for no apparent reason. Its not like say a race car driver who is trying to win a race and $$$. Anyway this poor guy would be alive today if not for some silly showing off airshow. RIP

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Re: Martinsburg Air show crash

#60387 3 years, 1 month ago
shit....no bueno

positive vibes for everyone affected by this tragedy
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
Dire Wolf
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when the police knocked y'all...

Re: Martinsburg Air show crash

#60461 3 years, 1 month ago
i wouldnt call a passion someone has silly especially if they gave their life doing it. Some people might say that Jerry smoking heroin for so many years was a dumber move than flying a plane that fast for sport but hey to each his own right? better to go out doing something you love than going out wishing you had
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