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Junior Boarder

Re: How did you discover the music?

#60455 3 years, 1 month ago
In the summer of '83 I worked at a gas station in Annapolis with a guy who played the Dead all the time. When the station closed, his freinds showed up, the Dead got louder, and the party favors came out. I was hooked as soon as I heard Anthem of the Sun. I also remember Europe '72, Reckoning, and Dead Set. He only played one bootleg that I remember. I missed out on the fall '83 shows but went to Hampton in the spring of '84.
These guys were more like bikers than peace loving hippies. I heard them talk about crank more often than acid. The first thing one ever said to me was "If you do that again I'll break your f@#&ing arm" after I picked up a pack of matches. It was surprising to find out how different the scene was from the meth smoking hard asses that turned me on to them.
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