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Re: Cowboy Fans (Shakes head) Tasers Marine

#58243 3 years, 1 month ago
Probably overkill already, but I believe there is a difference between not standing, not taking off your cap and disturbing other people by being loud duirng a memorial service.

I can understand not taking off your hat, not standing, it's your right and none of my freakin business. I understand and agree with that.

But being loud during the a memorial service when people ask you to be quiet, I think that's something else.

You do with yourself what you want, but when it affects other people I applaud them for speaking up.

(Again, I'm not sure anybody here knows exactly what went on).
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Re: Cowboy Fans (Shakes head) Tasers Marine

#58281 3 years, 1 month ago
My second 2 cents... you go into a visiting stadium wearing away gear..your loud and belligerent.. probably drunk as shit.. on top of that failing to stand for the anthem and talking & not taking your hat off...on 9/11..I don't know I'm kinda dissapointed in NY. That guy woulda not have survived and had his taser takin and shot where the sun son don't shine in Philly. There was only one person there with a taser gun. Momma taught me not to put my hand in the fire .wtf does this guy thinks gonna happen? If you plant ice your gonna harvest wind.......... I mean someone walking around ( fill in any large cities poor and depressed areas) flaunting cash and wearing a gold necklace, . a daimond pinky ring, & a new rolex..you just might get robbed. Is it your right to wear whatever you want you bet. But don't come crying if "exercising your rights" get your ass kicked or robbed. Thats reallity.
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