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Re: Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!

#57090 3 years, 1 month ago
Qyster wrote "One of my top 10 films of all time! I named my 04 blue Honda CRV The Blue Meanie, when I first got it back then. Back in the 70's they use to show on WLVI channel 56 in Boston on Thanksgiving The Beatles Help, and Yellow Submarine back to back. Good Times!"

I remember they did the same thing on one of the stations where I grew up! I used to love watching them!
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Re: Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!

#62593 3 years, 1 month ago
; dead do the beales, stream or download from here. paper.li/thedeadblog/1300088501

Grateful Dead (and Family) Play The Beatles: Stream and Downloads

Disc I

Day Tripper GD 06-25-85
Come Together Dead 07-07-03
Eleanor Rigby Jam JGB 02-12-80
Tomorrow Never Knows GD 11/29/94
Blackbird Ratdog 11-09-99
Get Back PLQ 10-16-00
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road GD 04-07-85
Hey Jude GD 03-22-90 *Complete version; Jude>Reprise patched together, no Fantasy
Strawberry Fields Forever PLQ 02-08-02
Rain GD 10-09-94

Disc II

Revolution GD 07-02-85
She Said Dead 07-07-03
Dear Prudence Reconstruction 7-8-79
All Too Much GD 03-26-95
I Want To Tell You JGB 03-08-87 *1 of 2 JGB times played; other in ’76
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds GD 03-17-95
I Am The Walrus PLQ 09-01-02
While My Guitar Gently Weeps PLQ 11-30-01 *Only time played

With Furthur putting the exclamation point on their Abbey Road adventure earlier this week, Deadheads were all abuzz about the collision of worlds between The Beatles and The Dead. And as a result, a couple of new mixes surfaced which give us reason to celebrate and contemplate the affinity that members of the Grateful Dead have had for the Fab Four.

Incidentally, the admiration was (somewhat) reciprocated by Sir Paul as he directed a short film about the band (featuring his late wife’sb60′s photographs) in the nineties. Check this interview for some choice quotes by Macca.

Neither of these mixes were my creation. I just stumbled upon both this week, and thought it’d be useful to provide as a stream and in convenient iPod ready download for our blog visitors.

The Dead Play The Beatles fits nicely on 2 CD’s aQd features several Grateful Dead, a couple of different Jerry bands, and a smattering of post GD (Phil Lesh Quintet is featured prominently) versions of Beatles classics. I love the late era Dead take on “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and the rare JGB “I Want To Tell You”. Interestingly, each cover comes from the post-Rubber Soul era . The creator evened out the levels and added some fades, which makes for a very pleasing listen. Here’s a link to all the relevant details.

No Furthur on the mix above, but that’s okay. We now have both an audience and band sanctioned (via archive.org) soundboard version of Furthur’s complete Abbey Road. An inspired idea, taking each of the Abbey Road covers performed and compiling them to form a cover album. Listening this way gives a feel for the fun and creative energy that this band experienced while performing this album over the course of a little over a week.

easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~billpannifer/macca.htm <- more on Paul and the dead
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