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Furthur Fix

#56268 3 years, 1 month ago
So I listen to a lot of Furthur, have a lot of recordings. I was looking through some YouTube videos of Furthur (there are a ton of them), and usually the sound sucks.

So I tried this and it works great. I find a decent video on YouTube, kill the sound, and add a good recording...either soundboard or taper recording and sync the sound with the video. What a difference it makes when you watch a video with great sound!

Last night i was enjoying some of Broomfield shows 2/11/11, 2/12/11, 2/13/11. Really a great run of shows. Hard to pick one but I guess I'd go with 2/13/11, as my fave. Scarlet/Fire...Estimated/Eyes/Wheel/ Not Fade Away...Wharf Rat...is one long highlight.

The place was only about 2/3 full but it sure did not affect the band; they played their assess off.

And listening to the soundboard recording with the video it probably sounds better than it did at the show. Phil and Bob are loud and clear.

Try it with the Wharf Rat, you'll like it!


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