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My Brother Essau on tape but not of cd???

#55431 3 years ago
I had a cassette tape of In the Dark from years ago that had the song, My Brother Essau, on it. Bought a CD last week of In the Dark and lo and behold, no My Brother Essau on the CD. Does anyone know if this is just a one=time problem (that may make my CD more valuable) or is there a reason why the song was omitted from the CD?

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Re: My Brother Essau on tape but not of cd???

#55447 3 years ago
It was purposely left off the CD for reasons I have long since forgotten. If I remember right it was put on the cassette so both sides would run about the same length of time.
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Re: My Brother Essau on tape but not of cd???

#55474 3 years ago
you can get the expanded in the dark with it
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Re: My Brother Essau on tape but not of cd???

#55475 3 years ago
Esau was on the original cassette version but not the original CD, which was released by Arista. The most recent CD version -- released by Rhino -- does have Esau, as well as a number of other bonus tracks.
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Re: My Brother Essau on tape but not of cd???

#55503 3 years ago
Furthurmore Friday Week 89Week 89

Q: Of all of the Grateful Dead's studio and live albums released during their career (the first album through Without A Net, 1967-1990), only one album featured a "bonus" song that was included on one format of that album but not the others. What album was it, what song was it, and what format was it exclusively included on

A: In The Dark, song is My Brother Esau, it was released only on the cassette version of the album, not the vinyl or CD.

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More re: Brother Esau, I was reading some old relix magazines over the weekend, mostly from the mid '80's . There was a Bobby quote that Brother Esau was about how the soldiers were treated during (after ?) the Vietnam war, but according to Bobby that goes over most peoples heads.

This weekend a caller called into tales from the golden road asking them to bring the song back into rotation. David Gans said Bobby mentioned he wants to bring it back, and he mentioned he'll pass along the request to the band. Hope to hear that one again.

Another cool fact from dead.net.

the first version, on 25 March 1983, had a different second verse (thanks to Todd Prusin for pointing this out)

Esau tried to build a world
A marvelous disguise
Where every street is easy
And there?s nothing to deny
And although he gave me all his cards
I could not play his hand
I made a choice
That soon became a stand

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