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Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55021 3 years, 1 month ago
Bob Weir solo acoustic

The Music Never Stopped
Minglewood Blues
She Belongs To Me - Story-
KC Moan
Looks Like Rain

set 2

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo
The Other One
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Ashes & Glass
Days Between
Throwing Stones
Not Fade Away


Wow what a show - just look at the setlist! ---- I'm sure theres people that will complain about Bob flubbing a few lyrics, and even stopping Mississippe Half-Step and asking the crowd what the next verse was, but I felt that added to the intamacy of the whole thing and it was a great show. I was suprised when he said he's taking a break - I was expecting 1 set. During intermission which was maybe 15-20 minutes I asked my brother if he thinks the 2nd set will be more likely 2nd set songs, and as you can see it pretty much was standard 1st and 2nd set songs (in each set). What a great choice of tunes to play .... Bob wasn't lieing when he said "I'm not going for the low lying fruit on the trees when I take my acoustic show on the road" ..... quite a few songs I didn't expect to get acoustic, I'd say the biggest suprise for me was the Death Don't Have No Mercy. I called the Days Between for tonight on the ride up which was another nice treat.

The show started about 9:10 then he played a little over an hour, took a short break and came back out and played until around 12 or a little after. It's great to be able to see Bob so close and so into and intimate with the performance, allthough nothing could compare with last nights Ramble. I was expecting general admission but there were a ton of seats, we should of got in line earlier but still ended up about dead center in row H, many people didn't get a seat. Looks Like Rain>Peggy-O was really nice and 2 songs I've never gotten and been hoping for a while now. There were some talkative people in the crowd and some (one right next to me) people that you wish wouldn't sing with Bob but it was a very nice place to be able to see him at. Something was up with the mic during the first song (feedback ?) but I didn't notice it after that.

I can't wait for the rest of his solo dates to be rescheduled - I'm going to have to check how far I am from all of them and maybe I'll hit more then Pittsfield and Westbury. I'm at the hotel now wide awake, brother passed out. I was like 20-30 minutes from the hotel but was starting to get real tired so I popped a NoDoz to avoid nodding off or anything. This is actually my first time being 'on the road' for any shows - I always drive home after. It's pretty fun though, especially if all hotels these days have internet access - I def gotta get out on the road more.

No merchandise for sale tonight but I got a free little home made poster a mother and son were giving out, they wrote 2001 instead of 2011 but its still cool. I smelt a little pot at the very end but didn't notice anyone else trying to smoke besides that, I didn't bring any in - I was pretty toasted from the car though and I ate just a little bit of shoomies. Really good time tonight ..... can't wait for Moe.Down tomorow ----- hoping for another Bob/Bruce collaboration tomorow.....
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55022 3 years, 1 month ago
No repeats from his solo set last night but he did play some that were on his setlist last night but not played cause he was cut short..... those songs were Peggy-O, KC Moan, The Other One and Not Fade Away ------- theres 3 more from that set which wern't played tonight or at the Ramble, those 3 songs are Dear Prudence (would of been real nice) Hell in a Bucket and St. Stephen
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55031 3 years, 1 month ago
gotta admit though - I was hoping for an acoustic One More Saturday Night ..... but wasn't expecting it cause I know he did a saturday acoustic show in May where he didn't do OMSN

one more note, before busting into the first song he said "this is the only song I ever wrote over the phone" reefering to The Music Never Stopped
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55034 3 years, 1 month ago
Wow. Looks fantastic! Hope he's taping this stuff, at least for some kind of download. Also hope he comes a little closer to Philly.
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55038 3 years, 1 month ago
Man I hope a recording shows up somewhere to

--I pitty the fool who got a refund for their Bobby solo shows - no j/k but seriously though you probably shouldn't have (not reefering to anyone in particular)
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55061 3 years, 1 month ago
Looks like you are batting 1000 MushroomMan.

Nothing acoustic posted on archive, but this 1992 acoustic show will entertain you.


And here is that Marin Symphony show from Sugarmegs

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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55065 3 years, 1 month ago
nice I'm about to head out soon but I can't wait to check out that 92' show later......
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55096 3 years, 1 month ago
Still waiting for the postponed solo dates to be rescheduled and announced.

Did you notice any Tapers there???
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Re: Bearsville 9/3 Bobby solo

#55131 3 years, 1 month ago
You got your Bruce/Bob jam at moe.down!!! Watched it online, sounded great!!
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