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What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54628 3 years ago
9/2/11 Ramble

Bruce Hornsby and the Noise Makes
-Fun House
-Valley Road w/ Larry
-Questions & Answers
-Rainbow's Caddy w/ Larry
-Jack Straw w/ Bobby

Bob Weir solo acoustic
-Feel Like A Stranger
-Maggie's Farm
-Black Bird
-Loose Lucy
-Lost Sailor
-Saint of Circumstance (followed by Bob's announcement that they're cutting him short)
-Me and My Uncle

Bob and Bruce
-Dark Star ----Epic!!

Levon Helm Band
-This Wheel's on Fire
-Long Black Veil
-Ophelia (only song Levon sang)
-Cypress Grove
-Rainin' In My Heart
-Sweat of My Brow
-Deep Elem Blues w/ Bobby and Bruce
-Attics of My Life w/ Bob
-Mardi Gras w/ Bruce
-Deep Feeling
-Tennessee Jed w/ Bob and Bruce
-Ripple w/ Bob (and Levon's daughter doing a fantastic job with the vocals)
-When I Go Away
-Not Fade Away w/ Everyone
-The Weight w/ Everyone

review to follow very soon, just got back home about 30 minutes ago. No mushrooms for me tonight so I had to pop some NoDoz for the way home and I'm pretty wired from them right now - especially since I never drink coffee/tea or any other means of caffine and I popped 3 NoDoz for the ride.....
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54630 3 years ago
alright now for my review...... first of all I missed the onsale for this after looking at the Ramble site several times a day, every day since Phil was there (I missed the show Phil was at, but caught word that a security guard said Bob would be there next). The day they went onsale I had checked at about 2pm for updates and there were none then at about 8-9pm that night while I was tripping face I saw that it was announced and sold out. So naturally I made some posts hoping for a miracle which I really didn't expect. I started talking to somebody who may have an extra if her friend didn't want to go and that ended up being the case. I was ready to bid $950 on the pair of tickets but I would of came up way short on that one.....

The day couldn't go (or start for that matter) without a problem...... I was charging my battery with an electric charger and somehow the charger blew which apparently shorted out my battery because my truck wouldn't start and now the charger wont work on any outlet. This was right at the last minute, I was about to run out for a battery but I said fuck it and just took my moms car (it kills me not being able to take my good old truck to shows . I left at 12:30 to go pick up this very nice person that miracled me at 3 and we headed up giving plenty of extra time. They don't let you wait on the road, we had to keep driving around until they opened the gates. So we're finally in line and get up to the guy with the guest list and guess what...... her name isn't on the list! ..... so she's going through her phone trying to find her confirmation e-mail and the people are looking at us like a bunch of scum bag liars trying to get in. A security guy said "keep looking for the confirmation" as he took her ID and went inside...... he came back out with our wrist bands (thank the lord) and said "your name is on 1 list but not the other" .... they think it was an issue with paypal, but we were certainly both getting nervous.

We had seats and we got 2nd row over towards the left -- there was a big wood post that would partially block my view but not a problem at all, just had to look around it a little bit. Oh and of course I brought some apple brownies which were gone by the end so looks like everyone liked them ..... I heard Bruce was going to be there right before I headed out so that added tons to the excitement. His band played a short but very sweet set ending with a very nice Jack Straw w/ Bobby which had plenty of extended, and different jamming ---- dare I say that I probably have to call that the best Jack Straw I've ever heard. There was a little miscommunication between Bob and Bruce through the night but that was minor and took nothing away from the experience. Bob then played a very nice solo acoustic set, which there was nothing skimpy about - leangthy and great renditions of the songs played - plenty of acoustic jamming. After Sailor/Saint somebody whispered some stuff to Bob and he then let us know that he was being cut short and he said "we're gunna do 1 more, then we're gunna do something different" so he did Me and My Uncle and then brought out Bruce and played a killer Dark Star with just Bob on acoustic and Bruce on piano ...... that Dark Star was something else, a few times I thought they were going to do the 2nd verse but just kept jamming out.

After that it was break time and we went out to the truck for a few more puffs n whatnot - I wasn't going to dare try smoking in Levon's place and not even for worry of getting caught, just out of respect... I didn't see or smell 1 person smoking in there. So Levon came out and looked at/waved to us on the way in (I gave him a smile and a thumbs up). His band was really tight, I seen them twice before at 2 seperate Vibes but they sounded so damn good at his place. Levon only sang Ophilia and his voice sounded rough, I hope he gets better )))positive Vibes for Levon's voice(((( but Larry, the keyboardist, the girls and even the bass player all did a great job handleing the vocals - and of course Mr. Weir himself. His band really has soul and puts everything they got into their performances. Terrisa Williams has a great voice and Levon's daughter did a great job tonight taking his Wifes place who just had another baby, especially on Ripple - she did a really nice job. There were all sorts of guest's throughout Levon's set with Bruce switching it up between piano and that spring like thing that I forget the name of (accordian ??). The show got out close to 1:00am which really suprised me actually, after the show I got a poster for tonights show - I also asked if that was the only merchandise specific for tonight and it was - only 9 bux for the poster!

On the way out Levon was shaking peoples hands in the first row and then he reached back and shook both of our hands (and got another thumbs up from me ----- while Bob was walking out a couple people in the first row were shaking his hand, but it wasn't like Levon who was trying to. Somebody right next to me in the 2nd row reached out and shook Bob's hand --- I easily could have but I felt rude and like he really wasn't looking for that so I held off, not wanting to bother him at all... I'm happy with the choice I made as if I did shake his hand I would of felt like I was trying to force it on him. There were a couple times during the night that I felt Bob was looking right at me ..... but I'm sure a lot of people got that.....

Words can not describe how nice this place is, both the acoustics and the electric sound great. It is so intimate there and even smaller then I expected. The stage is not raised, it's right on ground level then theres maybe 6 rows of fold out chairs, and them standing room all around including behind the stage and then a couple loft like things up some stairs. I am so thankful for the extra ticket this person had and sold me for face and I had such a good time, she said she wanted it to go to a real fan and I could assure 100% that it did --- and you were right wlewis, if I'm meant to be there I'll get in --- or something like that you said lol, "never give up hope" and allthough I didn't get my hopes up to high just incase I didn't make it but I tried my hardest and I got in ---- very nice person I met tonight, thank you so much for that extra spot!

Now its Bearsville tomorow (well tonight actually) and then straight to Moe.Down from there.....
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54631 3 years ago
At set break somebody had Bob's setlist, Bob said they were cutting him short and they did (but hey, what are you gunna do, they have a schedule to meet) ..... this is from memory of looking at the setlist during the break but this is what Bob's paper setlist was that a fan ended up with

Loose Lucy
Lost Sailor
Me and My Uncle
Dear Prudence*
Hell in a Bucket*
St. Stephen*
Not Fade Away*

and off to the side (which I assume was originally suposed to be Bob/Hornsby) .....

KC Moan*
Other One*

---so to sum things up... originally Dark Star, Saint of Circumstance and 1 other song that I believe was Blackbird were not on the original setlist. All the songs with a star were written on Bob's setlist but were not played during his set ---- everybody played Not Fade Away at the end...
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54634 3 years ago
Awesome review mushman, that dark star MUST have been amazing!!
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54635 3 years ago
That sounds like a killer show! Do they allow tapers? Are there recordings available? I'd like to hear this one.
Thanks for the review and the set list info.
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54651 3 years ago
Great effort MushroomMan, you put us right there with you as promised. So glad it turned out special. How could it not?

Get your rest so you have safe travels the rest of the weekend.
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54652 3 years ago
Sounds like a blast. I'm seeing Levon in about two weeks.
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54654 3 years ago
Thanks for the awesome review dude. =-D
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54658 3 years ago
No tapers, no pictures allowed inside and they want everybody's cell phones off --- I don't see a recording of this becoming available enless Levon releases something official, which I hope they do some day..... they had to of recorded it
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Re: What a long long crazy crazy night it was.....

#54705 3 years ago
hey now mush- thanks for that! love when bruce used to tour with the dead! sounds like a great time- glad you got to go!
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