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are the dead men?

#54251 3 years ago
or gods?
or something in between?

well too good to be men.
they fuck up so they cant be gods ( i love when they fuck up, its almost better than when they play perfect, no insult intended here)

due to process of elimination the dead are titans

Phil Lesh please never stop singing peggy-o
melts my heart every time.
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Re: are the dead men?

#54403 3 years ago
I know Jerry HATED that many people considered him to be godlike. And these guys are down to earth. Just normal guys like you and I, who were in the right place at the right time, living the dream (playin music for a living).

How they got together was for lack of a better word a simple twist of fate....

One night in 1965, Lesh, Garcia, and Weir all happened to be at the same party in Palo Alto. While in Garcia's car, smoking pot, Lesh mentioned that he was interested in taking up an electric instrument, maybe the bass. Lesh attended the Warlocks next gig and was invited to play bass with them. After playing a few more gigs, the combination of talent became indelible.
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