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Walk in the Sunshine
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Re: September is upon us - Red Rox starts THIS MONTH

#55305 3 years, 1 month ago
wlewis wrote:
we've also got the 3 night banger in eugene, missoula, and WVC before that

but yeah it is insane how close the tour is closing in...2 weeks til i leave for the west coast, glad to be heading back out there, especially a return trip to the aforemention RED ROCKS!!! place really is a "sanctuary" as someone above said...sound is killer some people bitch about the wind carrying the sound way up top, but i've never been up that high i guess...sound was perfect from everywhere i stood...TARP SPACE!!!

Right on brotha..wish I had the energy to do a full tour. At my age the spring tower run damn near killed me. The cuthbert venue looks mighty awesome too. Maybe next year...but for now it is Red ROX or Bust. t-25 if I am counting correctly ..
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