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Re: 2011-03-26

#54027 3 years, 1 month ago
NYC used to be some what laid back then Guilanni got elected mayor he was a former Da or something real hard ass he instituted a zero tolerance policy on all small infractions,smoking,open containers panhandling squeege men etc .made the place a nazi -esque environment.bloomberg has continued the tradtion and since 9/11 tyhay have flooded the streets with law enforcement ,camereas etc.plain and simple if its against the law dont do it in NYC or plan on getting busted,its only a matter of when not if
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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Re: 2011-03-26

#54028 3 years, 1 month ago
MushroomMan wrote:
MSG is much more tollerant then Radio City and Best Buy - but I would still be discreet about it!

Agreed, at MSG they just clear the aisles and let you smoke, unless others around you complain, then I don't know what they do. At Best Buy they actively look for and try to stop you. I was surprised to see at least one uniformed cop at Best Buy last fall, but when the lights went down if you were discrete you could puff. Preferred method there, get down on your knees while others are groving and the lights are low.

At Radio City I pulled my jacket over head and ez, guess one advantage of cooler weather

At MSG just find seat in upper decks

I also would not smoke a J, rather one hits r safest
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Re: 2011-03-26

#54844 3 years, 1 month ago
I came back to this thread for the great show link, but reading how folks get busted in NY is really sad.

Just goes to show, America is in a state of absolute and complete denial right now.

I got news for the government... you ain't in control of ANYTHING anymore. Least of which what people do with their spare time. Tools.
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