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Re: im not gay or nuthin...

#53970 3 years, 1 month ago
Well, I'm not gay or nuthin'. But I admit to having a man-crush on JK.

Since his days in DSO when he would stroll the parking lot before a show...he has always just impressed me as a cool, unaffected dude. You know , not just anybody could handle stepping into the shoes he's been asked to occupy (because no on can fill them). Hope he maintains that kind vibe with the rising tide of fame.

Still kicking myself for not saying hi to him when I found myself sitting next to him at a Phish. I did one of those classic wah, huh, ...cartoon double takes when I noticed it was him. But I was working and he was chilling, so I thought it would be uncool to bother him.....but he probably wouldn't have minded. He and his wife Katy eventually found a different space. So I didn't have too much of an opportunity and it was gone.....next time.
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Re: im not gay or nuthin...

#53974 3 years, 1 month ago
Illuminaughty: If this thread won't die, and it appears it won't, would you PLEASE at least change the Subject line?? It's become very unpleasant to see it there all the time. Thank you!!
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