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#5529 3 years, 6 months ago
come out to the westcoast shows...gratefulelectric wrote:
I KNOW MAN. I'm just having bad luck this tour. I work hard all year to go to shows in the winter and i got screwed in philly and screwed in nyc. I got tickets for tonight so thats 1 good thing
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#5694 3 years, 6 months ago
People just got to be a little smarter. You just cant fire up or wip shit out right outside these places. Take a walk about 5 blocks or so. These NY shows are in the major tourist areas. They are watching these areas and the next few blocks away like hawks. Inside isn't much better. Use your head and you'll be fine,Friday was not bad at all . They were poping people but Saturday they were really cracking down. The venue wasn't as dark as last years run. The whole place is under video surveillance and they were using it Saturday night. People would get done doing there thing and then 5 minutes later the narcs would show up. They took about 10 people out in the lower Orch & that was just were I was sitting. But some people just got to use their heads wipping out bags during intermission break isn't real smart and they were waiting & watching for sure.
Using caution is never a bad thing!!!!!!
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#5700 3 years, 6 months ago
Smiley from Texas wrote:
The only thing left to do is Roll away the dew and let the good times roll brother! you still have two nights at Radio city!

NYC police are a hassle more than any others tho for sure. last november at Madison square Garden they where busting people for selling Stickers Patches and pens. And they where only using it as a excuse to search the vendors entire body to try to find joints or other stuff.

but yeah kid dont let it bother you. Get your ass to radio city and give em hell again! helllllllll GD is in town baby!

MSG has a real strict no vending policy. I found that out about 20 years ago during the Dead runs. They don't care what it is they dont want it sold or even given away for free on that block. I was giving away Dead related coloring prints and they swooped right up on me. I said what the fuck I ain't even selling them you just seen me give them out & not taking any money. They were Feds not just cops they said well no problem you just gave them all to me. They checked my id and really hassled me reading me the MSG no vending smeal.They took all the posters & that was that.
They did not search me or ask to search me but if it happened today that would be much difrent for sure.
Tim The Beek
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#5707 3 years, 6 months ago
gratefulelectric wrote:

Cops said Band doesn't want it around the show anymore?

Sounds like cop jive to me...
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#5726 3 years, 6 months ago
I was in the lower orchestra and almost got thrown out, scared the shit out of me
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#5737 3 years, 6 months ago
As others have said, you cannot smoke in public in NYC in midtown. If you are in the village or another part of town, no one will bother you. But tourist are in midtown, and there are always lots of police around when there is a show, keeping things under control and making easy money for the city for those peeps who smoke on the street. Bloomberg is cracking down on ANY kind of smoke in the city. Soon you won't be able to smoke in public parks. If you would have waited till you got inside, you would have been fine. I was in the orchestra and didn't even see security shining flashlights.

Sorry that you missed the show.

Sam L.
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